The Latest Face Skin Care Products For The Spring


When You Feel The Sun-Bathing

Sensai offers you this summer to get to know the new “Silky Bronze” product line, which includes both self-tanning products and also against the sun rays harmful effects protective products and restorative after-sun products. Luxurious cosmetics has anti-aging effect, providing protection against ultraviolet radiation-caused skin lesions.

At the same time, it takes care of a fresh and shiny silky tan. All products consist of Koishimaru silk extract,  CPX vitality extract, and a modern cell protector. In addition, to this caring cosmetics “Sensai” has created a powder with SPF 30, which will be a great addition for your make-up.

GoshAs A Newly Born

Gosh Cosmetics’ Prime’s Refresh brightening agent eyes – first aid at parties, sleepless night or a long business day.

Superheroes fight wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness. “SpectraFlex” will hide fine wrinkles and visually smoothes the skin around the eyes, while the “Matrixyl 3000” formula will promote collagen synthesis, restoring the skin, but “Gatuline In-Tense” will compete not only with the first signs of aging but also make the skin more elastic and restore the cellular structure. Deposition of metal balls nice and cool the skin is massaged.

NudeBlur Cream Revolution

L’Oreal Paris at BB and CC cream to dance in a ‘Nude Magique Blur “cream. It is a skin improvement of appearance to a new dimension because the natural appearance becomes a three-dimensional (3D), which conceals the pores, the “delete”.

Blur cream is a product of the make-up and skin care product, a clever tool that popular among makeup artists. Airy texture cream conceals imperfections and pores, makes skin smooth and gives it a smooth tone and creates a seductive look natural. Suitable for all skin types. Available in two colors.

vichyBB Cream With Mineral Spring Water

Vichy Idealia BB Cream for perfect skin quality and complexion, while protecting skin from signs of aging may be caused by everyday exposure to the sun.

Formula enriched with a unique set of (kombucha + UV Filter System) and the light-reflecting pigments that smooth the skin and helps to avoid slowly dim and gray skin tone.

In addition, the cream that moisturizes for 24 hours and protects the skin from UVA / UVB rays, is hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin, because the composition is soothing and hearty Vichy thermal mineral spring water. Does not contain parabens. Available in light or medium-dark tone.


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