The Latest Beauty Products for Home Use


We have studied the latest beauty products designed for use at home. Do they really work, or will you be disappointed? Let’us find it out.

Are There Really Miracle Beauty Devices

Does it Attack the Wrinkles Effectively – Zeno Line Rewind

One of the ways to prevent the formation of wrinkles or reduce their depth is a facial massage. Also, warmth  has a positive effect – it promotes the synthesis of collagen in the skin, so the deeper procedures with ultrasound and radio frequency are required.

Knowing this secret, for home-based device Zeno Line Rewind – it vibrates (provide massage), heated and emits a red LED light. Producers promise that this technology is a combination of the real anti-wrinkle device.

# How Does it Work

Skin becomes smoother, with the condition that this device is applied every night for at least 30 days, then less frequently. Of course, not all of us are so willing to commit to it every night thoroughly massage your skin with this device, but what if … first of all, however, to the face is applied a special Zeno Line Rewind anti-wrinkle serum. It is promised that the vibrating massage helps serum to enter more deeply into the skin while the heat and the red light emitted by a device that stimulates the production of collagen.

# What do Experts Say

Compared to the devices used for professional beautician, who knows what to do and what the specific skin need to be used in home beauty devices are not as effective, as designed not to harm human health. This device gives the skin a healthy glow, but slogans for wrinkle reduction is only loud advertising.

Of course, one can not say that the use of such devices is meaningless – if within 30 days you will use for your skin type and condition of the proper cosmetics, skin condition will be improved, but the clear certainty that gentle heat, as stated in the description of the device, it is not enough to stimulate collagen synthesis.

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Only for the Brave One – Carol Cole NuFACE

nufaceWhile many women are still hesitant or try the scary cosmetic procedure with electroporation device, which is a small electric current improves the maturity and vitality lost skin condition. This type of device is already designed for use at home – Carol Cole NuFACE.

# How Does it Work

Use the same principle as a professional machine cosmetic surgeries – first applied to the skin hyaluronan containing serum, microcurrent, led by the device, open the pores of the skin and enters in cosmetics, creating an immediate effect. Microcurrent also stimulates collagen production, skin becomes firmer and smoother. The effect lasts for less than the day, so it is recommended to use the product in the morning. This definitely is a device courageous and for those who believe in the saying – beauty requires sacrifice.

# What do Experts Say

Use rate from serum skin condition can improve. Microcurrent is also used in the professional beauty to the skin toned up, so do not be afraid of them. If the device is intended for use at home, it can not be strong, can only be a slight tingling sensation. There are women who have such feelings even like better than a gentle heat or vibration.

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Airbrush Makeup SystemWithout Makeup Brushes – Temptu Airbrush Makeup System

Temptu Airbrush Makeup System is a device that promises to provide a professional makeup artist performance at home.

# How Does it Work

A device with a flow of air applied to the foundation accurately enough to disguise skin imperfections, while also ensuring clearing, tone cream, and powder effect. Available funnel (airpods) with illuminator and blush.

How convenient is such a make-up work, each evaluated itself, but to recognize that the device is large and takes up a lot of space, not forgetting that it only provides for a special airbrush cosmetic use? The biggest disappointment – eye shadow, mascara, and lips will be painted by yourself. If you put on the make-up rare, unlikely, this machine will be handy, but if the foundation cream and blush are your everyday life, probably worth a try.

# What do Experts Say

Makeup artists used an airbrush system, if necessary, to apply make-up in a couple of minutes, such as for models in fashion shows. Brush makeup base, foundation cream, and powder are thoroughly embedded in the skin – the performance is durable and looks natural while the airbrush provides a quick but superficial and unsustainable makeup.

It looks good from a distance, but up close – unnaturally. This device can be a nice toy for women who like to experiment with make-up, but is unlikely to be practical and easy to use the tool. Airbrush foundation cream does not mask the dark circles under the eyes, it will be necessary to the clearing. Without prior knowledge of the makeup application techniques will get exaggerated makeup to mask effect.

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