The Kisses Of Your Life – Mimic Wrinkles


The not very pleasant news is that you cannot escape  from mimic wrinkles. Still, there are some pleasant news as nowadays there are methods available which can be used for both zooming mimic wrinkles “sowing” in the face and make less visible and even delete those that settled in there to stay.

Thirty years – this is the time when the face mimic wrinkles start to settle permanently. Perhaps you noticing frowns on this reminder. You’re a living person – have fun, laugh, you are angry, you cry, wonder about the magic of life, and so loves you that these emotions are reflected in your wonderful face.

Of course, it is not quite that, “crow’s feet”, “Roads” and “crossroads” in your face gets the night before the thirtieth birthday. Showing emotions, mimic wrinkles on his face have played already together childhood. Up to twenty-five years for most women, they are as functional and visible only during the movement of the face features. However, there are cases where permanent mimic wrinkles already formed for a twenty-year-old woman. How many years are we to mimic wrinkles, it depends on several factors. Research has shown that mimic wrinkles the mechanism mainly depends on heredity. However, mimic wrinkles, as well as all the skin aging process is also affected by a number of external factors – lifestyle, health status, and increased expression of muscle activity.

It is decorated in life – because you are emotional, more smiles, or angry, the more likely that these emotions solid grooves will be recorded on the face. While the mimic wrinkles appear in any of us because it is an inevitable part of aging skin.

Groomed skin wrinkles appear later

Regular and proper care of your skin, possibly zooming mimic the appearance of wrinkles in the face. If you want to know where the future could take shape mimic wrinkles, make grimaces in front of the mirror and you will see your problem areas. In order to determine which could be formed mimic wrinkles, this method is also used for beauty professionals. While the mimic wrinkles appear only on the face of the movement during the procedure is the most important beauty moisturizing. Experts recommend mimic wrinkles prevention use moisturizing mask with algae.

Anti-aging therapy

Mimic wrinkles, which appear, from thirty-five years of age, no longer be redeemed only with good caring cosmetics. Most likely, it will require serious skin anti-aging therapy. Choosing the most appropriate therapy, it is important to several factors – the biological age, skin type, its general condition, as well as previously conducted procedures. The most important, to be followed by the start of the fight against mimic wrinkles or any anti-aging therapy is a sequence of each successive procedure reinforce past performance results, not the worst.

Follow the sequence!

  1. Caring cosmetics
  2. Laser procedures
  3. Botulinum injections
  4. Fillers
  5. Plastic surgery

So if’d be taken care of facial skin, mimic wrinkles later live in facial features. Still, at some point with caring means and procedures will not be enough. Then you can try one of the laser procedures through which the skin will get momentum will force it to be activated in order to recover. However, if that does not work, for many years a tested method in the fight against mimic wrinkles is botulinum injections or fillers. In turn, plastic surgery should be the last stage. Sometimes women saw an uncomfortable life groove in its face, immediately chooses plastic surgery. However reckon – if there will be carried out plastic surgery, and then used to reduce wrinkles by another of the above methods, after treatments can cause unwanted side effects, and the expected results may be substituted with a serious facial defect.

Laser big plus – this method is based on the skin self-renewal. Laser acts as a momentum, which promotes regeneration process onset.

Laser mimic wrinkles reduce

With the laser it is possible to reduce not only the face of signs of photo aging but also to act on mimic wrinkles, making them shallower and therefore less noticeable. Laser big plus is that this method is based on the skin self-renewal – the laser acts as a momentum to promote the regeneration process onset. With the help of laser skin is gaining momentum itself activated to recover.

The intense laser light

This is a common technique in the fight against photoaging. With light pulses treating skin are closed small capillaries, reduced redness and pigment spots. After this procedure, the skin remains toned, firmer, and mimic wrinkles are less noticeable. Enough with one or two procedures, the results are visible.

As most of the laser procedure, this is not recommended during the summer, as well as if there is some chronic diseases or used specific medication.

Following these procedures definitely remember about sunscreen use.

Fractional laser light

With laser establishing small holes in the top layer of the skin, through which radio frequency penetrates the deep layers of the skin, after which a small opening heals and the skin smoothed. With air fractional laser skin receives a pulse start regeneration process of the deep layers of the skin – begin new cells, collagen, and elastin formation, but the old cells die. In this procedure, the upper layer of skin is not polished, so the healing process is much faster and more considerate – the healing process is not bleeding, wounds and crusts. However, until the skin to heal, it is important to ensure that it is not irritated. Also, this procedure is not recommended during the summer when the sun is more active. Regeneration processes deep layers of the skin takes place for another two to three months.

Infrared tandem with radio frequency

The so-called “Sublime” procedure infrared light along with the help of bipolar radio frequency acts on the deeper layers of skin, where the warm-up process to 40-43 degrees Celsius. As a result of collagen, system creates new structures, making the skin firmer. Improves facial oval, reduce mimic wrinkles, especially in the mouth area. The procedure is necessary to carry out three times at monthly intervals, the effect of supportive treatment – procedures once a year. “Sublime” can also be done in the summer, because of its effect on the superficial pigmentation.

Continuous reduction of mimic muscles with botulinum toxin injections may vary mimic habits, thereby re-injection to the time probably is not necessary.

Botulinum toxin and fillers combination

botulinum_injectionsIn order to eliminate deep wrinkles in the forehead, it is often recommended for the combined method using both botulinum toxin and fillers. Studies have shown that this method provides not only successful but also the longer-term outcome of the procedure.

Injection – the most effective way to reduce small wrinkles

Botulinum injections are often used for the treatment of mimic wrinkles, experts recommend the use of mimic wrinkles early stage. Research shows that the most efficient use of the upper part of the face mimic wrinkles – “crow’s feet”, forehead horizontal and vertical wrinkles of anger, or grooves, which are usually developed between the eyes. With the needle is injected Botulinum Toxin challenging place where it interferes with nerve impulses management, preventing muscle shrink and create grooves. The reverse – muscle weakening, and wrinkles are smoothed. Often these methods on the main minus are referred to the need to repeat it. Initially, it should be repeated once or twice a year, but by the time the repetition needed less frequently, the amount of substance injected each time for less. Experts observed that the continuing reduction of mimic muscle activity can mimic the behavior change, so re-injection to the time probably is not necessary. With Botulinum injections down not exaggerate – it should not take more than three months.

Fillers – fight with deeper grooves

An effective and still prevalent method in the fight against mimic wrinkles is so-called liquid implants or fillers. There are several types of fillers. Which of them is more suitable for each particular woman to choose a specialist – cosmetologist or dermatologist. The most common fillers today is hyaluronic acid preparations. Hyaluronic acid is a very important component of the skin, so it is efficient in its use of skin renewal procedures.

Under the wrinkles with very thin pins injected fillers that fill the grooves. A couple of days can be a small swelling and minor bruising that is rapidly absorbed. Already after a few days have seen the positive effect of this procedure. The filler is not recommended to repeat the procedure more than once a year. Often, the result remains several years.

plastic_surgeryAlso, plastic surgery can help

Also, plastic surgery can help the aesthetic appearance of the acquisition in order to minimize the discomfort caused by mimic wrinkles.

This is the most radical method that is used in the fight against mimic wrinkles. Therefore it is better to postpone as long as possible. During the operation, the tension of the face and neck skin, wound up the subcutaneous fat layer of the face and neck muscle system is lifted up, thereby mimic wrinkles smoothed. When choosing plastic surgery, it is noted that after the recovery needed time about two weeks, to resolve possible bruising and swelling. Effect after surgery for up to ten years.


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