How to prevent wrinkles


Question how to prevent wrinkles’ interests any of those who have noticed even a smaller sign of aging on his face. In fact, there is not any secret formula for doing that!

If you are familiar with the main cause of wrinkles then you could be pretty clear what you should not do if you are willing to move this period when wrinkles are showing up as far as possible.

No matter how we would like, there is such a process as aging that also includes aging of our skin this process cannot be stopped completely it just can be made slower.

Already after reaching the age of 20 our skin cells start to regenerate slower than before, so this could be exact the age after you should think more seriously how you treat your  body and skin as well.

Let’s remind you once again the main reasons that cause wrinkles so preventing of wrinkles will simply include avoiding these activities! This is a simple truth that is also approved by Dermatologic and Plastic surgeons. Image: graur codrin /

Easy tips how to prevent wrinkles

  • Do not perform any facial exercises, unfortunately even showing your emotions too often with facial expressions will lead you to the formation of wrinkles;
  • Quit smoking – or in another case this process will lead your skin to the premature aging;
  • Do not spend a lot time at the Sun – when talked about aging signs we already mention that without any protection from the sun spending time at the sun will lead your skin to such an aging sign as wrinkles;
  • Do not stress a lot and have a good rest that includes having a healthy sleep (at least seven hours a day) – those are simple tips for keeping your body in overall good condition as any kind of stress influences your body and, as you know, exactly stress is one of the reasons why signs of aging are showing up earlier;
  • Eat healthy (diet) – it more relates to those people who like to try some extreme diets that are very bad for your body as you force it to lose weight in a ruthlessly manner by complete excluding part of nutrients. In any such type of diet, you do hurt your body, do not supply it all necessary vitamins and nutrients.
  • Drink a lot of water – this probably is the tip of any kind of diet, that let clean up your body, including from the toxins that are able to become a cause of appearing of wrinkles. It is advised to drink about eight glasses of water daily;
  • Use sunscreen and moisturizing cream – our skin should be protected from the sunlight, and it also need a certain level of moisture you have all chances to provide your skin very easily;
  • Reduce the amount of tanning as much as possible (at the tanning booth or at the beach) – if you will keep on “burning your skin” in this way you will make faster the process of your skin aging including the occurrence of wrinkles;
  • Wear sunglasses – it as easy as it sounds, they will help you not to make already mentioned facial expressions that are one of the main causes of wrinkles, and of course they will protect your eyes as well;
  • Limit your intake of the alcohol – as it is a great way of dehydrating your skin as a result it again leads to cause of wrinkles.

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    • Hello, Stella! You really have pointed out the main tips how to maintain a younger skin for a longer time. Unfortunately, not many people are living by these tips.


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