12 SIMPLE Steps To Apply Makeup Like A Professional

The step by step guide to professionally applied makeup. Makeup not always be vivid and flagrant but rather aims to highlight the natural beauty and fill in the gaps. But the key to a perfect makeup is always to correspond to the situation.

With the proper choice of colors, it is not enough – the sequence is very important in a successful makeup application. There are few very important steps every woman should follow when applying makeup, they are extremely simple just keep in mind the sequence.

Step #1 – Face Cleansing

clean_faceEverything starts with a clean skin. Even the best makeup products will be unable to disguise the neglected skin. When applying makeup on a dirty skin you will definitely do more harm than good to it. Purifying face, observe the correct direction of applying the cream and tonic use. Of course, remember to clean your skin before bedtime as you can cause a different type of skin concerns by leaving layers of makeup on your face.

Step #2 – The Makeup Base

primer_baseThe base is necessary for facial skin tone correction, to fill the gaps and increasing the resilience of makeup. The more successful will be the base of choice, the better and more natural makeup will look. Nowadays, makeup base removes a large part of the face related problems – redness, enlarged pores, and excess shine. There is also a special base for the eyelids, which is intended to avoid dislodging the eye make-up and blur.

Tip. The base is the secret weapon in cosmetics – invisible, but the effect is immediate and noticeable. Only every skin type should find the one and only. Oily face – mat, red – greenish, tired and with some wrinkles – iridescent.

Step #3 – Concealer

ConcealerAt the beginning of applying makeup, you have to prevent visible defects with the help of concealer. Very important is the right product choice. It is also important to note that you always have to choose a little lighter concealer than your foundation. Slight cases of acne, pigmentation spots, dark circles under the eyes and deep wrinkles on the face – all this can be repaired with the proper concealer. Apply with a brush or applicator further contoured with your fingers.

Tip. You can use brightening concealer. Especially in autumn and winter due to lack of the sun, the skin becomes brighter and dark circles under the eyes can stand out more than we would like. The safer product for this problem is a brightening concealer. It must necessarily be the favorite product at the top of your makeup list.

Step #4 – The Foundation

Makeup basic main task is to face tone equalization. The more successful will be the selected tone and the product, as a youthful and radiant will look facial skin. Mild consistencies tonal means should better be applied with finger tips. For thicker ones more likely you should use a special applicator or brush. The basic tone is always aligned with the skin of your neck to avoid the contrast between the neck and face. When applying the basic tone on the cheeks, you should do it with easy movements downwards. Then tone look more natural, because facial hair growth direction is downwards, and doing it in the opposite direction, get visible results.

Tip. If the foundation is being used every day, you especially should think of the producer and also ingredients of the foundation, because facial skin is nurtured with special care. Always follow the correct facial treatment and pampering after tonal cream.

Step #5 – Blusher

blusherFor a daily makeup, the lively facial tone you can try the creamy blush to be applied and further contoured with your fingers. Smile to better detect cheekbones, where the naturally is formed man blush. Further contoured in the direction of the center of cheeks to the hairline.

Tip. Blush is what confers skin vitality. Do not be afraid even of a Barbie pink rouge. Very little you can also revive the tip of the chin and the area below the eyebrows. For a natural effect is worth trying a creamy blush, which is applied after the foundation cream.

Step #6 – Loose Face Powder

loose_powderOn the top of the base to avoid the luminescence and strengthen makeup, apply loose powder. Today has invented an ingenious tool – translucent loose powder. In the box it looks completely white, but by applying a small amount of a large powder brush, never mistaken tone choice, because it will be transparent.

Do not forget to powder also your eyelids, as if later you will use your eye shadows, they need to be dry, which will provide a smoother shadow laying and adaptation. In principle, it is an eye shadow constancy secret – a good base on the eyelid.

Step #7 – Bronzer

bronzerFirst, choose bronzers who do not have too much gloss. Second, observe your facial oval to correctly spread the bronzer. Classically is to use it under the cheekbone, elongated face applying a narrow-angle, round – wide angle, up to the center line of the face. The most convenient to apply the product is with a special brush, which has a sloping tip.

Tip. A solar touch to your skin always will be good. Bronzers should never be applied all over the face, but in some areas – at the face ends of the frontal side, temples and a little on the chin. Because in this case too much is damaging.

Step #8 – Eyebrows

Eyebrows assigned your face a certain character. Classically they are adapted to your eye shape, and according to it, finds the start, end, and the highest point. Features are plenty- shadows, pencils, liners, markers. The key is to adhere to the principle – to note where missing to draw and where too much to get rid of them and a the end to comb them.

Tip. Eyebrows are the main element on your face that determines facial expression. Properly groomed and marked eyebrows bring out your eyes. Neglected eyebrows can upset even the perfect makeup picture. You can try out long-lasting eye liners, made with a fine brush will get a natural and beautiful look.

Step #9 – Eye Shadow

Eye ShadowApplying eye makeup always dependent on the shape of the eyes. If your eyes are small and narrow, you should use more shadows in bright colors, but just eye circle mark with a darker shade, in order to create a beautiful eye relief. However, there is quite a simple way to apply the shadow, which will suit almost everyone.

  • At first, all eyelid is covered with a light shade of shadow. It is preferable not to take the shadows with pearl shimmer, as it will highlight the small wrinkles.
  • The lower eyelid should be marked with a dark shadow quite a bit. If there are distinctly down droopy eyelids, this step should be omitted.
  • Then with a round brush apply the darkest shade and almond shaped marks the upper eyelid outer corner. It is important to occasionally open your eyes and look around, besides, do it for both eyes at the same time. Everything should be applied carefully and gradually.
  • Then eyelid middle should be stained with shade sight revitalization – peach, turquoise or gold. This shade should better be spread very slowly and very little so that it does not stand out as the main makeup.

Tip. As cosmetics manufacturers have already made perfectly consistent color kits for every day, it is enough to choose one from eye shadow palettes, for example, which consists of five colors, which you can use in everyday life, as well as an evening makeup.

Step #10 – Eyeliner

EyelinerFor a natural everyday makeup, you have to use eyeliner that matches dimmer shadow tone. Try not to contour the entire upper eyelid along the eyelashes, but stained only 2/3 of the line. Note that the pencil line at the beginning and at the end should be very easy – as it gradually vanishes.

Tip. The fine line along the upper lash line allowed an additional amount of lashes and increases visually your eyes. Nobody should be afraid from the liner, you only have to find a durable product with a fine brush. You can also try waterproof eye pencils and liners that do not leave imprints on the upper eyelid all day long.

Step #11 – Mascara

MascaraAfter exclusion techniques, mascara definitely ranks first in the eye makeup product lines. Mascara eye makeup confers a sense of completeness to the effect to be noticeable, it is important to apply correctly. You have to gaze drawn down with the other hand lift the eyelid and mascara brush zigzag manner directed from the same roots to the end.

Step #12 – Lips

lipsFor the lips the most important is a precise outline. With a pencil in the direction of the outer corner of the lips, slightly opening the mouth, strive to the upper and lower lip to visually mark the same width. A large proportion of women in the upper lip is narrower than the bottom, so it is necessary to approximate the size of fullness, upper contour lips dragging along the outside, while the lower – on the lip contours inside. Lipliner should never remain visible and after it should be applied lip gloss or gloss.

Tip. The best is two in one – a lip pencil in combination with a lipstick. Nothing could be more feminine than scarlet painted lips. Most likely, only enough to one well-chosen shade with which to revive the lips and therefore the mood.
This does not mean that all these skin care products should be applied at once, of course not. Even if you want to apply only three products, the order should be as mentioned to gain the best results.

The Most Important Tip – Let The Previous Layer Of Makeup To Absorb

Manufacturers offer so many enticing tubes, bottles, and cans that their range may feel overwhelmed. Beauty experts point – skin cleansed, moisturized, fed, protected. Logically the question arises – what order it should be done? Oh, yes, there is not only creams but also serums. How not to get lost in this jungle?

Beauty funds deposition sequence determines the texture, emphasizes specialists. Products must be able to be absorbed into the facial skin, so start with a mild liquid and to cover with thicker consistency means. In addition, the following may be present only when completely absorbed earlier. The minimum or a maximum number of products in one application at the same time can not be called.

Real Example Of Applying Makeup

An example of how to act if a woman has dry and very thin skin. Only seven steps keep her away from her skin to feel great.

  1. First of all, cleanse your skin with a hydrolipidic milk.
  2. Then use a tonic.
  3. Follow layer application of water gel or serum.
  4. Then is applied based cream which fills the skin.
  5. Then there is the cream which woman prepares by itself (beeswax, cocoa butter, base oils and essential oils), which in the summer she covers the most sensitive areas, but in the winter – the whole face.
  6. Round up with BB cream.
  7. Apply protective wax.


If your day cream does not contain SPF filters you should also take sunscreen to protect the skin. In the case you do not want such a thick layer of cosmetics on your face, choose makeup that contains SPF filters.

Take Into Account Differences In The Skin Types

  • If the skin is dry and thin, you can put moisturizing and a protective agent in the form of cream and even decorative equalizer, for example, wax form. And after all that skin will feel comfortable.
  • Conversely, if the skin is normal or oily, a moisturizing effect can be provided by an emulsion or serum. In this case, you apply BB cream that contains both moisture and ornamental section, and powders.
  • Since oily skin produces fat by itself, if you will put cosmetics layer by layer, your skin will not feel good after that, it will have a heavy feeling, and probably after that also will not look good as well, the skin will stress, in addition, the water will evaporate and your skin will lose the moisture. So for oily skin, it is recommended all active substances present with mild consistency means. And only one or two means the texture depending on the season may be denser.


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