13 Tips For Active Women – Girls Do Not Count Your Years


REMEMBER: Aging – Only For Those Who Moan

There are very many healthy people, but for many, the disease is in the head, they think they are sick, and they take plenty of drugs for no reason. We ourselves are telling that with the years we will become less positive. But the professor believes that there is not such aging. No living creature is counting the years left to live.

Therefore, the professor recommends that all women – should not count the years! Life is one so smile and live.

1. Do Not Worry – Smile!

smileThere was a time when people said, all diseases are of the nerves. We really are saying that to convince ourselves, but the nervous system has undoubtedly a huge role in the quality of life. There are women who are peaceful and speeches while others take all details at heart, who loves to cry and moan.

It is not good. Like a bodybuilder develops muscles, Braille users – your fingertips, we are expanding the various parts of the brain. Scientists with special investigative techniques have proven that often moaning will increase “or lay” part of the brain, but smiling and seeing in everything the comic side, developing the “positive” part of the brain.

Therefore, all those women who develop a sense of the beauty and happiness of life and are optimistic are doing much better than the pessimists. Then you can easily push aside paws and accidents. There is no man in the world who would not trouble, but negative emotions can be pushed aside as soon as possible and not moan all the time.

Instead, the professor recommends better to jog. Women generally prefer to do sports for one reason, to reduce body weight, and somebody worries about the fact that her buttock is rounder. That is a piece of cake!

2. Not Enough of Sunlight


We live in the north, where there is little sunlight, people love computers, running at the helm and watching TV, so the professor believes that doctors have made their “black hand”, by making people be afraid of skin cancer, as a result, many have brittle bones. The sun is a free source of vitamin D, which strengthens Jaul, protects the heart and vascular diseases and extending life.

With food – liver, mushrooms – it can shoot as many as you need. Nature does not intend to accept additional vitamin D pharmacy sales of vitamins because we have the sun. Dermatologists, of course, has its own right, but cannot rotate all to one side. The professor will not say that you cannot take medication against heart disease because of gastric bleeding.

Because what happens to people who by caring about the skin at the same time get other health problems that affect blood vessels, liver, heart, brain due to lack of vitamin D? The main thing – do not spend too long time in the sun and do not burn. Frequently look at your skin. If you notice something suspicious, go to the doctor and timely check.

3. Vitamins – They Are Not Necessary For Your Health


Nature has provided that in healthy subjects, prophylaxis should be used in addition to vitamins. Scientific studies have shown that without a sense using vitamins may shorten its life. One study of 24 years was studied a big number of people. Some of caring for the health of the fall and winter taking vitamins (beta carotene, oxidants, vitamin D, vitamin E, selenium, etc.), main did not use anything.

For example, if the body has taken too much selenium or vitamin C, excess quantities of simple, natural way get out of the body, but your wallet will see less money. You will not have any health problems, but also it will not make any sense. In contrast, in this study, it was shown that by taking too much beta-carotene and vitamin E increases mortality. If you have health problems, in addition, taking vitamins can help you recover faster.

Also for diseases, the medications are necessary, but for healthy people, medications are an empty sound, better replace the medication with proper diet and exercise. Everyone should take care of their health, regular preventive inspections and go through analysis. Young girls should be checked whether there is anemia, as perhaps they need iron, women should be checked on regular basis breasts and to visit a gynecologist.

4. Meals – Cut Down On Them

mealsAll the world’s science confirms that you should not beat the breakfast at any cost if you do not want. The body itself knows what it needs. And in the evening you may eat. Many crummies complain – they cannot eat in the morning, has not the time to go for a lunch, so they eat in the evening. But it is a mistake to think that fat accumulates because eating in the evening.

Where is the real fault? Simply we eat too much – so much that it is sufficient for the whole next day and a few remain. It makes no difference whether the overeat for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It should be noted that there are people who are genetically the evening comes one boon hormone – peptide YY, which reduces appetite, so the danger of overeating.

And usually, those who want to eat in the evening, eat a lot, and then it turns out in bad dreams. The professor recommends regular meals, do not put large portions, eat slowly, without haste. Do not eat an empty dish as we were taught in the past. Women often say – it does not make sense to do sports. I weighed 175 pounds and now the same weight. But what a beauty! Workout muscle mass increased. What disappeared? Fat!

5. Don’t Follow Diets


Professor laughs on diets – pH diets, Atkins diets, shared diets, blood group diets. Rubbish! Diet should be diverse, wholesome, and it is important to avoid overeating. Has long been the professor wrote that bacon is not bad, just do not eat it too much. Also, hot pepper gastrointestinal tract, as well as released a special substance that heals the gastrointestinal mucosa.

Do not drink coffee with sugar and use in sweets and sweetened yogurts to which packages are the shape of beautiful strawberries and blueberries, because there is neither a strawberry or blueberry, just a lot of sugar. They are worthless. The diet should limit the starchy, meaning not consumed large amounts of bread and potatoes.

Very good product is the omega-3 fatty acids, which are found not only in fish but also in linseed oil and other products. But this good product turns into one of the worst products, where it is heat-treated because of the Eicosapentaenoic Acid. Processed fats and sweets with a large amount of sugar are bad “boys.”

6. Milk – So Important Calcium

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Dietetics coup in recent years and the milk is rehabilitated. In the past, doctors recommended not to use or reduce milk (especially fatty milk) consumption because of a very common disease – vascular sclerosis – although well aware that the milk is rich in calcium, needed for strong bones. Several years ago came the information from all corners of the world, that milk can be used in unlimited amounts.

Particularly important is to drink milk in women who have menstrual periods because after menstruation will expire the level of calcium in the bones can not longer be increased. Milk should also be used by respectable ladies due to the slow leaching of calcium from the bones, which in the long term can help to avoid osteoporosis.

7. Blowing Stomach? Not Dangerous!


It should be noted that after the milk as well as by the use of pulses can inflate the abdomen because many people in the gut is not an enzyme or an enzyme that breaks down milk sugar – lactose, which is consisting of two monosaccharides disaccharide molecule.

Disaccharides are liked by bacteria, resulting in flatulence. In itself, flatulence is not dangerous, but unpleasant for sure. Boldface write down – flatulence is not related to an intestinal guilt – not cancer or ulcers. If after milk consumption is the discomfort, milk can be used less. You can, of course, to use the resources available in pharmacies to tummy blowing, but you can also drink milk without lactose.

8. Water, Coffee, Alcohol – How Much To Drink?


The doctors tend to stress that you should drink one and a half to two liters of water a day. If you can drink such quantity, then drink. But there are people who admit that they are unable to drink enough fluids. There is no need! The body is wiser – it feels and knows how you need it.

The advice – drink what you want, and even a little bit, because of the water body, of course, is necessary. You can drink carbonated water – it can blow tummy, but no other fault is in it. The professor would like to point out that coffee is a healthy drink. It lowers blood pressure and strengthens the heart. In addition, for those who drink four cups a day, liver cancer occurs seven times less likely than those who do not use coffee.

If you do not like coffee, or it creates discomfort, then do not use it. But those who believe that tea is healthy, but coffee – no, that is not true. If somebody asks which of these drinks is better for the health, be sure to say – coffee. If talking about alcohol, both gastroenterologists and cardiologists say, the small portion (glass of wine, 40 grams strong drinks) is allowed.

9. Osteocalcin – Very Boon


Continuing on bone strengthening, with milk and milk products nothing is not in session, where the point B in your life will be another important condition – exercise as bones folded. Has to travel by bike, doing Nordic walking, run, exercise because in the bones is released very beneficial substance – osteocalcin, which has been discovered only in the last five to six years.

It can not be purchased at a pharmacy, but every woman can produce itself, engaging in physical activity. Incidentally, osteocalcin, which is released from the bones into the blood, treats not only bones but also opposed to type 2 diabetes, atherosclerosis, cancer.

10. Back Pain – From Worries

back pain

Incidentally, osteocalcin also reduces headaches, improves the cardiovascular condition and blood circulation. If you have a headache or a migraine-type headaches, then certainly look for a cause and solution. Medication against headaches hurts the gastrointestinal tract, but if the head hurts, use a pill.

But headaches can be reduced by walking, running, Nordic walking. Women commonly found in low back pain. You know what is the reason? Worries. Action result is automatically tightened back muscles. If it is not open to other health problems in order to avoid back pain, it is the best to stretch and fold regularly exercise.

11. Move – You Will Not Hurt Your Health


How often are you doing a physical activity? Do, every day! Walk a couple of hours, go with the wheel, at least for 30-40 minutes. Any physical activity is very good, with best Nordic walking and swimming and boxing. Climbers right? Playing football, basketball, volleyball, because the type of physical activity is irrelevant, it is important to own it liked.

But remember – no swimming with chatter girls at the pool aside. This doesn’t count. Science has shown that physical activity should be combined. So you require increased load every day, which means not to go by car, but on foot walk, climb stairs and move as far as possible.

However, it is not enough because there are necessary three (at least two) times weekly of proper exercise. Gradually increasing, after workout shirt should be wet. Sometimes people say that you are running like crazy? You will hurt your health. Nonsense – nothing will be hurt, and you will only make your bones become stronger. Among other things, moving not only secreted osteocalcin, but also serotonin, the hormone of happiness.

12. Lack Of Time – Reservations


Those who do not want to move in a generally discouraging with the lack of time. In fact, it is the lack of initiative and laziness. After about half a year, the man turns and becomes the other, appear in traction after sporting activities, and at times can not get it to move, the man does not feel satisfied. Everyone in a year should schedule a rest of four weeks, one week in a month should be in a bit easier to work mode, once a week – to rest at least one day, but in the day – at least one hour.

13. Cellulite – No-Problem

celulliteThey are absolute nonsense, to put at the bottom of the electrical impulses of pulling muscles. Any physical activity time is burnt energy throughout the body, including the bottom. Girls do not like the sight of cellulite, but professor feels no guilt. Men are divided into two groups, who like rounded girls, and they discover it. Among them is also a professor.

And there are men who like rounded girls, but they do not say that. There is currently no question of obesity, which is a disease. If nature created a woman a little roundish, then it is wrong to become hidebound, so do not be a droll self-fasting. Since there is no ideal weight. Everyone has their own ideal weight.


  1. Pretty nice tips you have pointed out. We live in such a hurry that often we even do not think what is really important for improving the quality of our life.

    • Hello, Joan! Unfortunately, so many of women are struggling with cellulitis that you definitely are not alone on this way. The thing is that you have to search for your skin care product which would give you the best results as we cannot suggest you only one and maintain that it will work. We will publish an article about this skin issue very soon.

  2. If we take this all in short, you have to live a healthy and positive lifestyle, then you will live a longer and happier life. That is simply as that! Who will not agree?


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