Genes and aging


Nowadays, many stores and pharmacies reveal line after line of cosmetics and countless women want to buy the best to preserve the beauty for longer.

However, the aging process largely dependents on the parents, to be more precise received from inheritance – genes.

Mirror, mirror, tell me so – who in all the world has the least-wrinkles? Twenty years old girls definitely cheer, because only they without unnecessary worries can win such competitions.

Other women that have violated certain age threshold, caution has to start in the mirror and the – will be and when? Perhaps an even watched my mom as well know the saying – like mother, like a daughter. In turn, reached the respectable age’s not worried about it anymore, because, most likely, have accepted the inevitable. For example, the longevity record holder Jeanne Kalmenta, who lived for 122 years, 5 months and 14 days, was full of sparkling humor and said: “I have only one wrinkle, and I sit on it!”

Skin aging and a lot of different reasons

The skin is our largest and most visible organ, so its change over time are the first to notice in themselves and the surrounding sights. However, the wrinkles from the biological point of view is not end of the world, because the skin first task is to protect the muscles, bones and internal organs from the environment, such as physical, chemical and microbiological contamination. It also helps us to maintain a certain temperature and fluid balance.

In addition, the skin also acts as an organ of perception, as touching various objects, we feel certain surface differences. Skin cells participating in various required substances such as vitamin D and protein production. Skin aging is a complex biological process affected by both internal (genetics, cell metabolism, hormones) and external (solar radiation, pollution, chemicals) factors. Indirectly a significant impact, of course, leaves the economic status and lifestyle. These conditions are the main effects of ambient negative influences on the contrary – the various negative factors of reinforcement.

While the skin wrinkles perceive primarily as an aesthetic problem of aging, as these lines suggest, may adversely affect the above-mentioned functions of the skin. For example, the skin is no longer fully fulfills its protective barrier and, reduce vitamin D synthesis.

Avoid the sun and cigarettes

smokingSkin looks and functions most strongly influencing external factors are smoking and exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Scientists points out that non-smoking and protection against solar UV radiation is an important option that allows you to ensure that your skin looks good enough as long as possible time.

Solar radiation causes the so-called oxidative stress, the cell damage caused by free radicals. Also, it can damage the genetic material of cells to be corrected.

Over time, they may be some errors “overlooked” and thus may even occur in tumors. That is why today there is so much information campaign against prolonged sunbathing without skin protection. Harmful effects of smoking reveals great photos of twins in which one of them has this vice.

Permanent adverse factors cause a gradual change in each layer of the skin, which over time becomes more evident – from the modern world of beauty as undesirable traces of aging skin. Changes in skin texture and the skin-forming cells (dermal cells, keratinocytes, melanocytes, even immune cell) activity. The skin becomes thinner, reduce flexibility, and it is much easier to damage. In addition, following damage to the skin’s ability to heal is reduced and the healing process often takes a long time.

Genes are a little more substantial impact on the environment

What about the aging population and the likelihood of getting exactly the same wrinkles at the same age as my mother says scientists? Their research indicates that these changes up to 60% are associated with genetic causes. So a little more than half of the aging process may indeed be similar to their parents, in the end of them inherited their genes.

Although already in 2003, scientists sequenced the entire human genome (set of genes characteristic of the body), finding a gene involved in this process is still ongoing. Most likely, the current priority is research, looking to a variety of congenital diseases-related genes change – repair, delete, or replace with new ones.

It should be noted that the gene is DNA defined part consisting of nucleotides or genetic characters (A, C, T, G) which are arranged in a specific order. When reading this sequence, the cells are produced in a variety of molecules that are certain tasks, for example, they can provide a restorative cell wall compounds such as collagen and elastin.

These scientists studying genes in order to understand whether it is possible to influence their activities and to slow down or prevent the occurrence of wrinkles. Genetics of aging demonstrates a number of studies in different gender and origin of the people in this process there are differences.

For example, found that people from Asia wrinkles are formed much later than the Europeans. In turn, African-Americans more likely to have drier skin, which adversely affects aging. Greasy skin contains more vitamin E, which is useful for protection. Skin color is important because it more pigment (so it is darker), the longer you can save a newer look. Studies have also found that men’s skin, although thicker, in fact, is much more sensitive to harmful environmental factors such as UV radiation.

The best solution is an individual

Scientists dream is to discover genes involved in the aging process, so that later it would be possible for every person to set them individually choose whether to produce the personalized cosmetics and choose the procedures that the present case is more efficient. Thus, the appearance of wrinkles can be delayed or even prevented, even in the best case -gal then perhaps the mother can no longer be distinguished from the daughters.

Some cosmetic company already offers a number of tools that will help regain youthfulness. Some even claimed that its products allow “hijack” the genetic code, but later had to withdraw their advertising campaigns and to pay a fine for misleading consumers. Scientific proof of the following cosmetic procedures or capabilities are not.

Therefore recommends that women should not refer to such offers and not to waste their money. At best, these products may contain substances that help the cells themselves to cope with the environmental damage caused. They are in no way fail to penetrate our cells and genes on or off.

Currently possible to perform other types of diagnostics, such as a microscope to assess the condition of the skin. In this case, the specialist sees the existing situation, ie, the genes work. Also, such an in-depth investigation allows you to choose individual solutions and to combat aging of the skin, using existing cosmetic products or procedures.

Better behaved honestly

Small changes in aging at the cellular level are cumulative over the life course and gets the body as a whole. Although slightly more than half of the genes affecting, however, play an important role in the environment, ranging from climatic conditions, and finally with experiences in childhood.

Everything in our lives intelligent, to a greater or lesser extent, affect us, and eventually it will be able to see the different views on the writings of our skin. In a sense, we can say that genes are “loaded gun”, while the environment – “pushes the trigger.” In addition, external factors – diet, lifestyle, environment – can lead to so-called epigenetic changes in DNA.

In this process, certain genes are added to or deducted certain molecules that affect long-term operation of these genes, in a sense we can say that they are switched on or off. Then, these modified genes are transferred to children and children’s children. Therefore, smoking, poor diet or excessive tanning is a choice that not only affects the facial skin aging, but also the fate of our grandchildren.

Research in this area is still in progress and gives hope that in the future we will have more and more weapons that will win the battle against aging. In the meantime, let us live to grind like a jewel, while taking responsibility for different edges of our power to preserve, if we choose a healthy lifestyle.

Mothers greater responsibility

mother_daugtherWhat the Swedish and German scientists discovered that the aging process is influenced by several genetic mutations that only mothers transmit to their children.

It happens to the so-called mitochondrial mediation. These tiny, beans visually similar components in our cells act as a kind of power, because energy is produced. In addition, mitochondria have their own genetic material. Cell nuclear genetic material we receive from both the mother and father, but mitochondria inheritance shall only female children.

Therefore, if the genetic material is damaged, the child will be the mitochondria. Study was conducted by scientists believe that even minor birth defects in mitochondria may affect the aging process. Cell power plant genetic material is much more prone to damage than the existing kernel. If birth defects and joins the lifetime obtained then are aging prematurely.

While still do not know exactly the extent to which the natives of mitochondrial disorders is essential to the process of aging – the scientists are going to determine the future human studies. In any case, they are confident that the research findings can be used in developing drugs, or dietary supplements that can help prevent damage to the power plants of our cells.

Identified 10 genetic skin types

skinOne recent study of genes and skin aging Genocosmetics made in the laboratory in Barcelona, the scientists discovered genes with one letter of the genetic changes may mean these genes are responsible for the production of certain proteins, such as skin elasticity or antioxidant capability.

In general, managed to identify 72 types of proteins that are essential for the skin during aging. 39 of them by the elasticity of the skin, six – irrigation, while 27 antioxidative capacity. During the experiment, 120 women were analyzed genes involved in the production of this protein.

Depending on the gene change scientists, women were divided into ten genetic groups. For example, group 8 was the worst version of antioxidant genes, while was excellent genetic ability to fight oxidative damage.

According to scientists, each of these groups require different tools and cosmetic therapy. Group 8 If women need to be antioxidative substances in cosmetics, women 10. group then they should actually be harmful and unnecessary because the skin cells have the ability to be naturally cope with this kind of stress.

Europe stricter requirements

In recent years, consumers, especially women, who use expensive cosmetics, it is essential to its effectiveness should be scientifically justified. It is also included in the most recent EU Cosmetic Regulation in the Appendices, which means that the performance of the product description must be justified and must not be misleading. Therefore, scientifically unjustified campaigns increasingly withdrawn.

Smoker twins look older

twinsScientists in Cleveland, USA, studied 79 pairs of twins, whose average age was 48 years. During the experiment took photos of twins, who later had to evaluate plastic surgeons with no additional information about the participants lifestyle.

Revealed that smoking twins were much more facial wrinkles (especially in the face of middle and bottom), as well as frequently descended into the upper eyelids and bags under the eyes. The longer the twin had smoked, the worse the results of the evaluation were surgeons. Already five years of smoking resulted in significant differences in the facial skin.


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