What To Do When The frost Bites Your Cheeks


The occurrence of a cold weather, often to the appearance of skin blemishes, places it becomes drier. What does it show?

The Skin Is a Health Mirror

The condition of your health is the mirror of your skin. Before resorted to expensive cosmetic purchase suggestions – first check your health, because it depends on, what condition is your skin. If it is dirty, inflamed, it is dull and lacks liveliness likely fault to look for digestive and metabolic processes.

About the color and appearance of the responsibility of the cardiovascular system, but it significantly impairs respiratory disease, which prevents oxygen supply to the cells. Skin beauty also suffers from lifestyle – stress, lack of sleep hours, overeating, starvation, extreme physical exertion, physical inactivity and lack of oxygen.

At the same time, when the flood arose cold, the skin can become cranky: it can start to peel, itch and become drier. It promotes not only the minus degrees outside the window but also the strong wind and rain. All these factors cause stress to the skin while the warm air heating rooms which are dusty and dry skin does not add beauty and health.

How Cold is Detrimental to The Skin

Skin same tone of voice a variety of functions. One of them is the so-called thermoregulation – heat opens the pores and blood vessels, leading to increased moisture evaporates (we perspire), cooling the skin, but the opposite happens in the cold – closes the pores and blood vessels, keeping the heat. People who have dry skin during the winter months problems occur more frequently than those with oily facial skin.

Although it is an individual, should be noted that in some cases a skin condition may vary in winter – also oily facial skin can start to peel, which shows that it really is unable to protect against frost and cold. The skin of the island protected by clothing. The only area that is at all times remains uncovered a face.

From natural decorated the facial skin is trying to adapt to different weather conditions – extreme cold, heat, the wind, and snow, but not for all skin types, it manages to be as good as we would like. Therefore, the face can help to cosmetic products, which allows the skin to adapt better to frost, snow and wind.

Skin Care in The Winter

Step 1 – The Purification

Cleansing is the first step towards a healthy and beautiful skin. With the word “treatment” can not be understood simply washing the face, but the removal of dust, sweat, grease and dead skin cells. Unfortunately, there still is a popular myth – when the skin sheds do not need to scrub it. On the contrary – to have healthy skin, dead skin cells are set to be removed.

If the cold skin becomes more sensitive, there are two options – change the scrub (less aggressive without abrasive particles) or to scrub less (a maximum of four times a month, minimum – once a month). However, take into account the peculiarity of the individual skin. Believes that the oily skin can scrub more often and use a scrub with abrasive particles, but dry skin – rarely and softer feature. However, here too, care must be taken individually, as each of the same to find the best model and the frequency of treatment.

If you have preferred natural products, scrubs come in handy ground oatmeal, coffee beans, wild rose berries. Also, a mixture of salt and soda can serve as a great scrub for use at home.

Step 2 – The Moisturizing

The skin can not do without moisturizing. This should be done every day. Choose a product depending on your skin type. You can choose both emulsion and cream. One of the most intense moisturizers is hyaluronic acid, which contains a variety of cosmetics. You can also use the dedicated skin vitamin complex that it both moisturize and stimulate. Also, do not forget about moisturizing face masks, which are intensively moisturizing and use once a week.

Step 3 – The Protection

Remember that, after cleansing and wetting the last act of protecting it, regardless of weather conditions. In summer skin should use cosmetics, it protects from the sun, but in the winter – the island’s name. It should be mentioned that there are also specific skin remedies provided for, such as skiing on the mountain long island or swim in the chlorinated pool.

Which Skin Care Means To Choose For Your Skin Protection

snowI have heard the claim that a large frost should not be used in cosmetic products containing water as it freezes in the cold. This is a myth. Starting in that no cream, emulsion or oil can be free of water.

The Even oil contains 2% water. Skin protection chooses the tool that is suitable for a particular skin type. The slurry is the thinnest, because it contains more water and less fat, the cream is the opposite – it contains more fat and less water.

Protection of properly selected cosmetic product is one of the most important skin-care factors. If, for example, oily skin greasy cream will be applied, the skin will not be able to absorb not, nor reap any benefit from it, and also unable to breathe. Today, most sunscreens are produced on a wax-based wax cold freezes, but it is gas permeable, which means that the skin breathe and not eg clearing blocked pores, but frost protection remains. The wax is a good tool because the temperature adjusts to the change.

REMEMBER – twenty minutes before leaving the house sunscreen applied to the face, because it is time, as quickly absorbed into the skin and cosmetics means to protect them from the cold.

Powder To The Cold

If the winter, leaving the street, you feel that the face still freezing even if you have complied with all three of the above steps, take the aid of powder. All human body, except the hands and feet, are covered tiny hairs, the facial skin. Therefore, the powder is applied in a circular motion with the brush, the particles will stick to the hairs of the face and forms a blanket of warm air.

Will result in a greater resistance to cold. If that is not enough, use a wax protective topical sunscreens. Do it locally – exactly where the skin is most sensitive. Of course, if you’re planning to climb to snowboard and minus Graves spend several hours, the wax can be applied all over the face. Selecting tone or mousse cold months, take into account the subjective feelings. Generally, believe that foundation cream is suitable for oily skin, but the mousse – dry.

However, the reality is sometimes the opposite. Find your skin type the most appropriate means. Nor is it possible to say definitively that all cosmetics, which costs three dollars is worthless, but those who pay more than twenty dollars, it is good. Here too, there are exceptions, and both good and bad products can be found as the lowest, the highest price category.


Take into account that the first skin moisturized and then fed. Do not mix it! If the first on your face We will set the sunscreen to the skin is covered with a protective film, but after class moisturizer, this skin will not be able to access.

Did You Know?

The easiest way to rapidly improve skin appearance – an hour a day go for a walk or doing physical activity in the fresh air. If you use an appropriate skin cream is easily absorbed into the skin. It does not feel – it’s airy, and the upper layer of the skin is dry. If not, do you feel it on your face, the cream is not suitable for your skin.

You may find that a cosmetic product, all the time well suited, suddenly no longer fit. Then you know that skin type and sensitivity of the cold weather can change and it is not uncommon.
Dry spots, redness or scaling of the skin is a sign that the skin does not receive the necessary substances. If a moisturizer does not help, go to the facial specialist who will assesses the condition of the skin and recommends the most suitable solution.


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