How not to get old

not to get old

By increasing almost all world’s population survival, medicine has come to a new challenge. Now, one of its main tasks is to achieve that people would maintain a good health and ability to work, and relax as long as possible.

Never again people at the age of fifty will be considered as old people. If ever a middle-aged woman was described, for example, with her grandchildren whom she looks after, then nowadays the woman around 50 years is a lady, and she looks only slightly older than her daughter, she still continues to build a career, she sports at evenings, attends concerts and at least once a week take the time for a beauty procedure.

Today, people live so long as they have never lived before. In many countries is increasing the number of people over the age of 80 years. We are experiencing the fastest aging process of the population. If this tendency keeps on going, then in 2040 already 1.3 billion or 14% of the population of the world will be older than 65 years.

These changes have led not only to the fact that in many countries around the world raises the retirement age, but also to the biggest challenge for the health care system – how to achieve that long-livers are healthy and able to work as long as possible?

Anti – aging has long gone beyond the interests of Aesthetic Surgery frames, now the doctors take it as a complex program of measures aimed at achieving a long and healthy life. Anti-aging medical professional tells the story of three fundamentals of such a program.

1. Persistent care about the health

In the institutions of higher education, it is still the greatest attention paid to different diseases, and future physicians are taught to treat them. However, now doctors’ main task is to prevent the disease. It is necessary for people to maintain a good health. Only a healthy community can develop, but for a sick community are spent huge resources for a treatment.

While people are living longer than in previous years, more and more people are suffering from oncology, mental, lung, heart and vascular diseases. Great survival does not mean a healthy life.

This is a key concern to all countries – old and incapable of work people put a lot of pressure to the economic development. It is not enough to lift the retirement age, there is a necessity for a social change, and the health care system, whose main task is to ensure that people also over 65 years of age are physically and mentally healthy.

In the meantime, many of us anti-aging measures associate with visual image retention. In fact, for the maintaining the work ability the external image is not so important. Still, it is important to maintain a good physical and mental health, that is why for each person should be developed an accurate and detailed health care plan.

listMake your own health care plan!

Once at the anti-aging medical specialist arrives a new customer, he is not interested in lines and wrinkles from which he should get rid of. At first, his health status and medical history are evaluated and also questions about the family health history are asked. After analyzing this information the physician determines which diseases are at risk to appear.

The next step is to draw up an action plan whose main objective is to reduce the risk of threatening disease that person could live healthy as long as possible. This plan has never been short-term, in fact, it is for the rest of the life. Not necessarily you have to visit an anti-aging medical doctor to protect yourself against the diseases of old age.

Any one of us has the opportunity and even an obligation at least once a year to ask the family doctor for the complete diagnostics by taking into account the patient’s age. In addition, there are series of tests that need to be carried out for each of us regardless of whether the family doctor has reminded about them.

For example, women over the age of 50 once a year should go to the mammogram to make sure that they are not affected by a breast cancer. Men over the age of 40 regularly should visit a urologist to check for their prostate health.

Middle-aged men and women should visit a proctologist for preventive intestinal examination, because the colorectal cancer is among the most common. Unfortunately, with years is increasing the risk of different ontological diseases, and the regular health checks is one of the best prevention methods that could be used.

2. Healthy lifestyle

sleepThe most people know that a healthy lifestyle includes a good night’s sleep, physical activities and a healthy food. However, this does not absolve them from the desire to indulge in excesses.

The more money people have, the more they will permit. They drink one glass of a wine in the evening, then the other night, then every evening sipping wine and think that red wine improves heart health.

But in fact, too much wine is harmful for your health, exactly like too much of different food supplements, too large physical load or too much time spending in the sunlight. All should be done with a mayor. For each of the client anti – aging specialist develops a customized lifestyle program. However, each of them contains at least four cornerstones.

The purification of the body

Any anti – aging program starts with the purification of the body. There are recommended certain preparations and procedures that cleanse the liver, kidneys, intestines, stomach and intestinal tract.

A healthy diet

Scientists believe that the aging is based on the free radicals or active atoms or groups of atoms that can cause damage to cells, which are weakening the immune system and contribute to infections and various degenerative diseases of developing. In the fight against free radicals, antioxidants are the best weapons – vitamins, minerals and enzymes that help protect the body from free radicals.

This means that the diet should contain a decent amount of vegetables and fruits, which are the best source of antioxidants. The diet should also contain fish, and the spleen of animals and poultry meat, which contains enough protein. Definitely, it is recommended to drink enough pure and natural water daily. It is necessary to limit the amount of sugar, salt and fast food. Alcohol intake should be reduced to a minimum.

Food supplements, vitamins and minerals

There are doctors who believe that the person can pick up with the food the necessary vitamins and minerals. However, today the food contains fewer required substances than in the past, and unfortunately aging decreases the body’s ability to absorb and recycle all the vitamins.

For example, Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant that strengthens immunity, vitamin E is important to protect cell membranes, vitamin K contributes to the much needed calcium absorption of the body and also is a good preventive agent for colorectal cancer prevention, vitamin D regulates calcium and phosphate, omega – 3 fatty acids help to fight Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular diseases, and reduce the arrhythmia.



No miracle is able to make the benefit for the health as an active lifestyle.

For thousands of years, human cells have not changed, but the modern lifestyle is not suitable for them – we eat too much, and at the same time exercise too little.

This is the main cause of metabolic disorders, diabetes, obesity and Alzheimer’s.

Therefore, each person should find themselves fragrant sport with the practice for at least five hours a week. If someone says that he does not like sport, I suggest you to go for a walk every day, which should be at least 8000-10000 steps. It can take an hour and a half. Studies have confirmed – the less overweight the person is, the higher is the chances for a long life. By the way, sport is the most direct way not only to a physical, but also a mental health.

3. Lifelong intelligent alertness

In Europe and around the world, an increasing attention is being paid to a mental health – a society that is aging, counts on the rise in age -related mental illness patients. And also in the terms of anti-aging doctors recommend some effective means of prevention.

Get a good night sleep. People have to sleep at least eight hours, and you cannot compensate night sleep with a day nap. Exactly, at the night the body produces many substances that are necessary for the activity of brain and whole body. Chronic fatigue, depression and burnout syndrome symptoms often are found in people who work at nights.

Learn to cope with a stress. Nowadays, it is impossible to escape from stress, but you can learn to control it, because excessive stress destroys brain cells. Anti-aging specialist advises people to learn to breathe deeply and to sport. By deep inhalation, people take additional oxygen supply to the brain, and therefore, less stress damage is done to the brain. That is one of the reasons why it is easier for the yoga practitioners to deal with a stress.

learnLearn. It is necessary to employ the part of the brain associated with learning. There are studies, which have concluded that people who constantly improving language skills suffer from mental illness much less.

Another research has shown that those who maintained a daily quicken the spirit of the mind games, dancing or playing and singing to get sick with dementia less often. Intelligent people also live longer on average.

The study, which was attended by more than 800 talented young people from the U.S., have shown – if the IQ index exceeds 135 points, it reduces the risk of dying prematurely from a disease. With each successive point it is reduced by 2%.


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