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As it is written in the Bible – In the beginning was the word … Any body reactions at the beginning of our genes, genetic professor is confident – knowing what is the human genetic profile, and using this knowledge to understanding, we cannot only significantly improve the health status, to get rid of chronic fatigue and stress, but also to stop aging and even turn back time.

What exactly is anti-aging?

Clearly, the plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine will not halt the aging process. However, when it is capable of! The issue is complicated because this area really is a lot of speculations. Any hairdresser’s window you can see the anti-aging advertising. And people believe in these promises!

Modern medicine within the meaning of anti-aging is montage and recommendations system that is targeted at slowing down the process of aging, disease prevention and reconstruction process activation. It includes hormonal regulation of functional medicine and genome regulation. Without genome, alignment can be no question of encouraging the recovery process.

To engage in anti-aging medicine, specialists must be familiar with a number of medical fields as anti-aging is essentially a holistic approach. Do not deal only with the skin or hair only anti-aging or for right or left hand, anti-aging. This is not possible. Our whole body is connected.

What can be done with the help of anti-aging medicine?

anti_aging_stopAnti-aging medicine can do very much. Everyone who wants to go to the anti-aging medical specialist who is himself answers the question of exactly what he wants to achieve.

If you do not understand clearly what they want, you can also get lost in the huge anti-aging sector, the possibility of a labyrinth. Maybe she wants to look very young – 40 years, 20 that a man in the interests of libido, but another – working. People tend to work 24 hours a day. And then wish to make it to work and recharge, and preferable not to excess weight.  But some do not work at all and has no way to decide on some beauty treatments or go and make plastic surgery … First of all, precisely formulate their wishes, then compile the program.

What is the most common problem for which people complain directly to you?

I have a lot of patients with chronic fatigue or stress and burnout syndrome. Someone once told me the patient “Meeting presidency, but not happiness.” Living the acceleration is caused by many chronic stress conditions, because we are connected to the outlet for 24 hours a day. The people running the treadmill. It causes sleep potency, libido disorders, and weight problems.

Are you sure you can do it, that I will continue to work 24 hours a day, and will feel right?

anti_aging_24_hoursNo, it cannot. The human body is like a computer – if you open the ten programs at the same time, it hangs. And then it needs to be de-energized.

Another thing that complicated disable people … Even although he is not quite the force. Our brains cannot work continuously. They work mode: Activation, regeneration, activation, regeneration …

If recovery is not sufficient begins chronic fatigue syndrome, which involves a variety of mechanisms. It needs to be adapted. And it makes no sense to say to people – work out, eat green vegetables, then all you’ll be fine. A person with chronic fatigue syndrome will not do.

He has neither strength nor the time nor the desire. So it needs to be done to the rhythm of his life, he could regenerate and recover a maximum of life taste. It is useless to say – go on vacation! If he is responsible for 3,000 people and 10 000 project. What keeps leave? It only becomes worse on vacation because he stressed.  It is important to find methods that help each individual case.

Here we come forth micron Patricia (Science of micro – macro and vitamin supplements and their use. – Red) Gene and hormone regulation.  When Patients are getting better, No Matter how bizarre, it would seem, They begin to Engage in sports. He begins to find the time … In contrast, the anti-aging and renewal can be practiced only, when chronic fatigue.  Otherwise, it does not work. What is more – and lose weight is not possible if there is chronic fatigue.

Or anti-aging medicine is officially recognized in the medical field?

anti_aging_medicineIn various countries, including France and Monaco, it has been officially recognized discipline. We have a national diploma anti-aging medicine.

Unfortunately, in many countries, such diplomas are not. Physicians have to contend with the knowledge they acquire in various seminars and congresses, but they are not structured knowledge.

For example, several small countries do not have such medical specialization, and no criteria for what constitutes anti-aging advice. It is not possible in this industry operate in the absence of the various sub-specialization, such as endocrinology or functional medicine. To cite a specific example of how functional medicine differs from the classic.

What do you think, what is it about the intervals?

That’s the answer I expected. And most doctors answer exactly. This is not right! In fact, it is a specific parameter, is most frequent response’s static interval. It is by no means the norm. And even more – it’s not your norm. It is understood that provision cannot be the same young woman and 65-year-old man with overweight, who smoke more additives.

However, the interval there will be the same. This is senseless. Norma is the only one – that optimally satisfy you. Ignorance of the doctor is very much of a problem in the choice of preparations, diagnostics. I practice it has been very much a case of lingering thyroid problems, allergies, because doctors have said, “What are you!  You but everything is in order, because you stay within the range! “But this is wrong. Modern medicine allows us all to come and not to an average static interval, but to optimal rule for each person. Each individual situation.

Is it really the statistical norm so substantially different from the individual optimal?

hormones_anti_agingSuppose a person is 60 years. He feels fine, want to feel even better. The patient receives his analysis of hormones such as DHEA – this is a very important hormone, known as youth hormone.

Hormones are classified according to age. Tests are written in the age at which the parameters as should be. Analysis findings he has written – your age DHEA is normal. Is this correct? And when he is 80, he will want to look and feel like eighty?

We are talking about the fact that our body has an optimal performance – be it hormones, vitamin D, calcium, and other substances that provide the optimal functioning of the body, regardless of what the figure recorded in the passport. In fact, there are three age concepts. There is a chronological age – that recorded in the passport, biological – that is your real age – and psychological.

The latter is very important – how young people feel. So that 80 years to hear that your DHEA or testosterone age is within the normal range, it is very sad. No joy of life for humans, it will not. Therefore, today’s anti-aging medicine oriented the optimal parameters of aging slowing down and even on the body’s recovery.

Then, however, can halt the aging?

heart_attack_womanNot only can, but we are on the go. Anti-aging medicine is already a discipline. The initial phase is very difficult, because the majority of the public have no knowledge.

Neither the patients nor the doctors. In the past, a lot of time with my medical education, I read lectures in three languages. Lately, stopped doing so because I realized that can give information, not knowledge. And doctors often that notional knowledge, this knowledge is obtained after a check. It is more dangerous to the patient than can help …

So the last number of years I have dealt direct public education. Chik Radio Monte Carlo wire broadcasting, in which a story that can be done and what is not, what are the anti-aging industry traps and pitfalls, how to protect yourself from wrong recommendations and also unnecessary expenditure. Because it’s all in how you understand, pay very big money.

Also personalized medicine and anti-aging medicine among experts have come to the conclusion that the 21st century medicine health medicine. It is the branch of medicine where the patient has their own health director. Therapeutic medicine, if there is a heart attack, we do not ask patient what to do. Urgent action is needed after a long drawn protocols. And thank God that they exist and that we can save people.

Health medical task is to prevent such a situation from occurring. Now we have a lot of different options for preventive action for early diagnosis Pre-symptomatic stage – even before the change in debt cardiogram or scanner. Pre-symptomatic diagnosis is primarily genetic. It helps to evaluate the initial potential. Which is given by nature, and how to use it. Modern genetics exploring our genes co-operation with the surrounding environment.

How does the genes work?

Genes are like people. They work. This work is called gene expression, we can call it the activity. They live in families. For example, we have a detoxification gene family, cholesterol gene family or stress gene family. Just as the people they interact – sometimes friends, and call it a synergistic gene relationships, sometimes don’t be friends.

Gene relationships with each other and with the environment determined by our genetic potential and health. And then begins the most interesting. When I see the patient and his or her genetic analysis, I see that he has been given by nature and he with it all or not guilty. Generally, geneticists are terrible people – we know immediately when a person is lying.

If the patient is absolutely optimal cholesterol, diabetes gene activity, but the very high rates of bad cholesterol, atherosclerosis and diabetes, but for me, he says, that eat nothing but steamed green vegetables and chicken cutlets – absolutely clear that he is lying. I clearly know that in between these green vegetables he was running around the McDonald or eat pizza.

And thus has earned its current state of health. So any medical advice first genome of the human resources and his connection. Peculiar human encounter with himself. My author ‘s program aims to activate the individual patient’s genetic potential. Genes are not an abstraction. This is something that works. In addition, the working every day, responding to all. Cholesterol_tests_men

We every day without knowing it, either exhort or slows down their activity. And knowing how it works, what needs to stimulate, we promote, but what should not – have settled. It happens in our genome optimization.

It gives a very strong effect therapeutics physics level, namely prevention of fatigue, health arrangement. Later activation will also mental and emotional level. As life gets this gene co-operation with each other and with the world around them.

If a person has a genetic sensitivity to the psychological stress, but his cholesterol genes are not sensitive, it is not for him to run – as I often see – every two weeks to check your cholesterol levels.

Man put too much attention on cholesterol testing, continuing to work 24 hours a day. If she originally known genetic tests would be better to spend a relaxing procedures – yoga, swimming, massage. Because this man, active checking cholesterol levels, each time make sure that it is a norm, but admitted to hospital with a heart attack. And never be able to understand how it happened – but his cholesterol is norm! But he earned a heart attack, because the body is employed completely different situation precipitating mechanisms.

How many people who are genetically susceptible to stress?

In fact, very much. The vulnerable more than 20%. The sensitivity of the stress responsible gene instead of one, but a whole group. There are key markers and secondary marker. If the modified secondary markers, sensitivity is high, but not as strong as when you change the key marker.

How exactly is a lactose and gluten? It is now very popular to exclude products containing these substances from the diet. Whether it is the people who can afford to eat genetically gluten and lactose-containing products? Approximately one in four of us have gluten intolerance in some level. But it is not necessarily a genetic intolerance. There are also other immunological factors. Gluten intolerance can earn long-term result of its use.

Does the reduction of the gluten makes sense to anyone?

Particularly after the age of 40. At this age should also reduce cow dairy products, including sour milk. Cows’ milk proteins, regardless of the person’s individual genetic tolerance, have nasty feature to promote inflammation and activate the autoimmune processes. And, since their structure is very different from our protein structures, they are discharged hormones.

Therefore, anti-aging treatment of dairy products not recommended by the EU, irrespective of the genetic profile. But this does not apply to goat’s or sheep’s milk. They are friendly to the human body.

What are the general anti-aging dietary advice could give you more?

For more than 10 years, I am an expert in personalized medicine. It requires an individual approach. And it really is very different from the general. Better to tell you about anti-aging traps. For example, in Europe is very popular fairy tale that needs to drink green tea. This is wrong. At best, it will not cause harm. The fact is that green tea strongly excites the nervous system.

green_tea_anti_agingIn Monaco, I regularly see a patient with tachycardia, sleep problems and increased nervousness. If you drink green tea a lot and regularly, could become a condition of high blood pressure not to mention.

Green teas are imported from Asia. Asian genotype different from ours. They liters of drinking green tea without any reaction as us. It is a product that geographically we are unfamiliar. Says that green tea is a powerful antioxidant. In fact, one cup effect lasts only 20 minutes.

This is not everyone knows – mannered and drink green tea. Another important theme or trap – the use of hormones is harmful. Modern anti-aging therapy work only with bio-identical hormones, that is, the hormone which conform to human hormones.

Recent studies show that the use of sex for women is anti-aging and health maintenance goal twice Alchemera reduces the risk of disease, significantly protects against cardiovascular disease, it goes without saying, protects against osteoporosis and reduces the risk of oncologic diseases. If the treatment is carried out properly. It is the key phrase.

Bio-identical men use testosterone cream in the form of more than two-fold reduction in the likelihood of heart attacks. Cream form, rather than a synthetic form of injections, as was done in-faring nations! Very many of the key hormones we use only the cream form. This allows to preserve the liver. Through the skin are well absorbed, and the therapeutic effect of a remarkable exception.

In addition to all of the known effects of testosterone on libido and impotence, it is more important protection factor vascular elasticity. Cardio problems men is associated with a reduction in testosterone, as well as significantly reduce the flexibility of blood vessels. Another trap – a multivitamin.

What vitamins fault – or they simply are not effective?

They are dangerous. As usual, discussing the consumer: “I do not know what to use, buy a multivitamin, they have everything! ..” It is as if – yes, and yet not. The fact is that multivitamins really have a lot of components but when there are many, none of them can be therapeutically relevant concentrations. On the other hand suffer liver, because the body goes into a lot of substance to it is not required.

I see it regularly in their practice. It happens that the man himself has bought him mom have given, beloved wife led by the American, and he used all obediently as he gets worse and worse. Have all this set aside and clean the liver. And only if, taking into account the results of the analyzes, develop accurate micro nutricia recommendations. Incidentally, the French studies have shown that 97% of all dietary supplements are ineffective.

First of all, the low active concentrations. The issue is also about materials and their origin. It inspired me to create a regulatory genes preparation line. Simply it was difficult to find in the offer of products with the required concentration. It is the result of my line. They are professional preparations to actuate the body’s regeneration processes. Dietary supplements are not effective because people are using them improperly.

Nutritional supplements should not be used independently. Only courses. Gene regulation standard course of two months, once or twice a year, depending on the patient’s condition. When you cease to use dietary supplements course, there is an additional incentive effect. But if the interrupt used are suppressed natural body functions.

What about fresh eating? Now it is very fashionable health improvement method. It is also a trap?

Yes, fresh eating are in vogue, but not all of it fits. Fresh eating may not be suitable for people genetically. It is dangerous in that the intestines are provoked fermentation processes and facilitates the growth of pathogenic flora. Not all. All need to do with the mind. One system can not be good for everyone. This is not possible. There are patients who have a tendency to fermentation processes.

This tendency we see a particular patient’s genetic profile. You can not imagine how many lingering intestinal conditions where people can no longer be adjusted at its immunity or intestinal flora, not weight! Just because they believe in such fairy tales. In terms of raw food, a passion for sushi can be potentially very dangerous. Before I started to genetics, my specialty was infectology, so I never eat sushi or life, or a raw fish as many carriers of the parasite larvae.

But in the world it is a social phenomenon. All eat sushi all tastes. But parasitology because no one has canceled. Recent nutritional systems are now completely eliminates the use of alcohol, including red wine …
glass_red_wineThis is one of the traps. There was a fairy tale, the need to drink one or two glasses of red wine a day. It definitely should not do. If you want to impair the development of the natural hormone, you can continue to believe in this tale.

On the other hand, if you want to keep your hormones in the background, the use of alcohol may be only incidental. In any case, not every day! Maximum – once or twice a week. And do not drink two glasses. One is more than enough.

For example, Monaco, which is undoubtedly the capital of glamor and luxury, women do not drink. If her actions there a glass of champagne, then only in order to clink. Most women who live in this city do not use alcohol at all. And, you know, live well and look great! In particular, it affects women over 35 years of age.

If you want to get cellulite, edema and facial oval landslides, you can drink alcohol. Just need to understand what we are doing. On the other hand, I have nothing against the glass of favorite wine or cognac on Friday evening after a hard working week. It is pleasing. Better tranquilizers or anti-stress agent yet no one has invented. Small amounts of this effect is pleasing. If this happens periodically, not often. And then there will also be a greater pleasure.

Is there a long-livers gene?

There are special features of the genome that contribute to life expectancy. Studying the long-lived, it was concluded that they had guests are very different genes, but found a very interesting feature of unifying. Scientific language it is called heterozygous presence. Each of our gene consists of two parts, one of us is inherited from the mother, and the other – from dad.

These parts may be the same, but may vary. For example, Dad brown eyes, but Mum blue – then the child can be both blue both brown eyes. When these parts are different, it is called heterozygous gene form. This gene is flexible – he can both it and the. Then, behold, long-lived very many heterozygous gene form. Genoa is generally more flexible, which means that a person better adapt to the environment.

What to say about genetics genius? Or determined by genes?

Good question. Generally, yes. If a single word, then – yes. But things are not so simple. With all the genes is not enough. Today, geneticists are necessarily aware that individual intellectual and mental capacity does not depend on age. Man years younger man says, “I know better because I am older and wiser.

You do not have true green! “But in reality, the young person may be wiser from nature. Another thing that people with age accumulate experience. Small children five years of age can be absolutely brilliant, but they are not yet living experience that contributes to the ability to navigate to the information and decision-making. Instead memory may deteriorate with age or not. Memory genes are working to full capacity until about 15 to 17 years. After 17 years of age they stop to express. It is a scientific term for gene activity.

When the human genome project has been completed already 11 years ago, which means that now we know everything about our genes? We transcription of genes alphabet. Now we just need to learn to put those letters in words – to understand the relationship between genes and interactions with the environment.

Dealing with it other world level projects. I was and am an expert in a number of them, for example, on the topic of genes and diet interact. Nutri genetics and nutri genomics is a science of how genes are very sensitive and as a nutritional supplement can help change our genes function.


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