How to fight wrinkles with beauty procedures


For several years, beauty salons for anyone who wants to take medical cosmetic procedures for the face, offer a wide range of procedures. After these procedures, the face becomes youthfully fresh and do not have a need for facial plastic surgery.

In winter skin needs a special care because of the cold winds, frost and central cause dry indoor air for everyone makes the skin drier. Highly recommended is a moisturizing, nourishing, soothing masks and creams.

Ideally, if a woman can find the time and finances to prepare your skin for winter, cosmetic cabinet making procedures, which helps skin to get rid of the outer corneal layer and moisturize every cell. The following procedure is recommended twice a year – in autumn and spring.

Beauty procedures against the wrinkles

Many salons offer facials complex, which includes the most common thermal mask, ionization, lymphatic drainage, miostimulation. Of course, not always necessary to carry out all the procedures at one time, but they perfectly complement each other. Medical cosmetic facial procedures used for “Mary Cohr” cosmetics because it does not contain parabens, genetically modified organisms and chemical filters.

Facial Treatments usually start with thermal mask below which uses essences cream, according to the facial type. Heat a deep cleansing mask cleanses the skin – like a sauna effect stimulates the sweat and sebaceous glands of the skin and releases toxins. Thus, the skin more receptive to oxygen, and more looks like new. After heat masks in addition to the customer receives a face mask, the composition of which is adapted to the skin type.

Possible options – clay, ice or soothing mask – made of clay, vitamin B5, arnica, Yarrow. Often, the customer does not feel comfortable to remain one of the Cabinet with a mask on the face, so the masters offered if the customer is a desire to make another addition to the procedure – the hands or feet massage.

Ionization or deep moisturizing helps the skin to enter deeper into the medical cosmetics. Moisturizing cosmetic products to increase the effect of the power assistance. Ionization masters used hydrating gels with unique regulatory composition which is an amino acid. Facial Moisturizing fits everyone skin type and not just the elderly, but also young people with acne problems.

Lymphatic drainage removes puffiness in the face, remove the blue circles and bags under the eyes. Moving the electrodes through special lines face are stimulated lymph ways, so improving facial tone.

Miostimulation out with the anti-wrinkle gel. It is massaged into the skin, strengthens the facial features under the skin and increases muscle tone.

Facials most often chosen by people who have a heart felt new, but something that wants to improve its appearance. Each skin procedures in various salons price is approximately from 40 to 80 dollars. There are different complex procedures offered by salons.

Let’s reveal what one of such procedures customer thinks, he works as a computer specialist “After a tiring and stressful day, I, thanks to these procedures, regained vitality. After the procedure the man disappeared blue circles under the eyes, the skin became pleasantly soft and fresh. It seemed to me that I have become younger, for at least five years. After the treatment of the interior I stepped satisfied with life and himself.”

Benefits of beauty procedures against wrinkles

  • Cleanses the skin of toxins, improves the skin oxygenation;
  • Purified skin during the procedure takes additional oxygen intake. Consequently, it will look newer longer. Facial treatments strengthens the connective tissue cells, improves skin tone and elasticity.
  • A positive effect on the nervous system, relaxes, reduces stress.
  • Procedures smooths fine lines on your face, makes your skin silky soft.


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