The fight against the wrinkles with light swords


We are not afraid to grow old, we just do not like that mistakes made by years have left an indelible mark on our skin. Fortunately, the medical profession in their “weapons” list have also included lasers.

When almost ten years ago in the United States was carried out a survey of dermatologists about the major accomplishment, medics said fractionated CO2 lasers, which renews the skin.

Laser medicine is known already quite a long time ago, already in the 60-ties lasers, which are highly concentrated beam of the light, were used in the medicine, and each year expands their capabilities in dermatology.

The skin as a first-time in love

For skin renewal procedures one of the most common used is intense pulsed light laser. As the light rays are not focused, but scattered lasers in their exposure are careful and gentle. Pulsed light very well stimulates all skin cell activity and leads to the regeneration of collagen, which makes the skin supple and radiant.

The skin like an enchanted princess wakes up and realizes just how it is beautiful – to live with a full power. Usually this laser procedure is used for the face, neck and the skin, which opens up view for a tempting decollete, to become radiant and fresh as when she was young, beautiful and in love.

To renew and refresh the skin also is used a fractional laser, which rays act to the skin by leaving on it small micro holes, and by that stimulating the skin cells to regenerate faster. Lately fractionated lasers are used even more frequently than pulsed light lasers, because after fractionated lasers, the skin is easier to recover. Light therapy is recommended to be combined with cosmetic procedures.

Usually before beautician enters into the skin vitality important substances as Hyaluronic acid, collagen, vitamins, he works long and hard that the pores would open and would be ready to absorb them. It is particularly difficult in winter.

Laser_proceduresHowever,laser procedures awaken the cell activity and promoting their faster sharing, and the skin is prepared to accept 80-90% of what it is offered. Therefore, on a visit to the beautician, you may apply on the same day, when is the laser procedure, but you also can do it a month after it.

Laser procedures can help to get rid of wrinkles where they have appeared recently and are not deep. One of the reasons why there appear wrinkles is the reduction of the amount of Hyaluronic acid in the skin.

As Hyaluronic acid no longer attracts as much water as in the youth, the skin becomes drier. Therefore,the biggest advantage of laser procedures is the ability to activate the  natural Hyaluronic acid reserves in the body and to prepare the skin for cosmetic procedures, during which this substance can be additionally taken.

Ideally, the procedure shall be repeated two or three times every month, taking into account the fact that the skin regeneration cycle is 28 days. This time, we need to take the opportunity to use creams containing Hyaluronic acid, collagen or vitamins, which are so important for the renewal of the skin.

There are no youthful mistakes

Big acne scars, a tattoo that once seemed so nice, but now – strange color stains or pigmentation patches on skin. With the light of laser, it is possible to “write off” the past. In order to eliminate the acne and other superficial, small scars, often are required more laser procedures. Ideally, if the clinic has several lasers to combine them.

The most acne scars are removed by intense pulsed light lasers and by fractionated lasers. In such cases, the procedure is not held for the entire face, and light rays are allowed to access only the problem areas. Both fractionated and surgical lasers are also used the remove scars left by plastic surgeries or surgical manipulations.

While medics remove superficial color pigments by intense pulsed light laser assistance. In the most cases, they try to cope with solar or solarium pigments.

As long as people are young and the skin is beautiful, the tan from sun is even and beautiful. Still, if you do not use protective skin creams against the ultraviolet radiation, as the years passes, pigmentation becomes more pronounced, and elsewhere – less pronounced. In addition, if the pigmentation is stronger and deeper the skin ages faster.

However, if the sun and ageing of the skin pigmentation is as deep and persistent as your youth tattoo, such pigments should be treated with Q-switch or Ruby laser, which splits the pigment particles and with the assistance from the body, these cells are removed from the body and do not return.


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