Exposed Skin Care In Australia


Exposed Skin Care acne treatment product line is available in Australia just like in the most of the countries around the world.

No matter that you cannot buy them at some store in your country you can order all products from this company online, even more, they offer many kits and also an unbelievable money back guarantee which lasts for one year!

Click here to order Exposed products to Australia from the official website!

The Effectiveness Of These Acne Treatment Products

If 98% of people who tried these acne treatment products were satisfied with the results then we are pretty confident that these products are effective. You probably have tried other acne treatment products like Proactiv, Murad, and others but when we compare them all with Exposed then it is obvious which product line really stands out.

exposed_vs_proactiv_murad_max_clarityHow Many People Already Have Cleared Acne With Exposed?

We think that it is pretty a lot as those are more than a quarter of a million of people and every day this number is increasing. Of course, those are hundreds of thousands of people every month who are looking for information about this brand on the Internet.

How Do These Acne Treatment Products Work

Exposed products work as a complex solution in the acne treatment process. This process starts with cleaning your skin then by killing the bacteria causing acne and finally by healing your acne affected skin. Of course, in this whole process, you would need more than one product as you need a separate product for each of these stages for gaining the best results.

Before And After Photos

People simply love to compare before and after photos so we will share with you few of them from people who have actually used Exposed Skin Care product line and have healed their skin.

Ashley, before and after Exposed Skin Care


Exposed Skin Care Products With Price in Australia Comparison

A complete list of all 11 Exposed products available for you to order:

exposed_skin_care_facial_cleanserFacial Cleanser 4.0 fl. oz., $15.95 exposed_skin_care_clearing_tonicClearing Tonic 4.0 fl. oz., $19.95 exposed_skin_care_acne_treatment_serumAcne Treatment Serum 1.7 fl. oz., $19.95 exposed_skin_care_clear_pore_serumClear Pore Serum 1.7 fl. oz., $19.95 Moisture Complex 1.7 fl. oz., $25.95Moisture Complex 1.7 fl. oz., $25.95 exposed_skin_care_clarifying_maskClarifying Mask 1.7 fl. oz., $25.95
exposed_skin_care_microderm_scrubMicroderm Scrub 1.7 fl. oz., $30.95 exposed_skin_care_probiotic_complexProbiotic Complex, 60 Capsules, $34.95 exposed_skin_care_body_washBody Wash 12.0 fl. oz., $25.95 exposed_skin_care_derm_x_clothDerm-X Cloth, $9.95 exposed_skin_care_derm_x_body_clothDerm-X Body Cloth, $12.95

As we have received the information from plenty of people who have tried Exposed we can definitely advise you to start acne treating process by choosing one of the kits available as the fight with acne in the most cases should be a multi-step process so choosing only one product which would only clean your skin would not also kill the bacteria causing acne and also would not help in healing your acne affected skin.

We also would like to mention 3 kits available from this powerful acne treatment product line.

  • Kit #1 – Basic Kit (5 pieces) – $49.95 (you save $35.05);
  • Kit #2 – Expanded Kit (6 pieces) – $59.95 (you save $60.05);
  • Kit #3 – Ultimate Kit (9 pieces) – $94.95 (you save $109.05).

What Are Shipping Costs To Australia

This could be considered as the only disadvantage of ordering these acne treatment products as shipping costs are $19.95. Even if you order only a single Facial Cleanser the shipping costs would still be the same so it obviously is better to choose some larger kit and by that decrease the costs of shipping per one product. It is a difference if you have to pay $19.95 for shipping one product or 9 products.

The costs are so big as these products are shipped from the place they are produced in the United States, still, if you are ready to invest a little more in shipping costs and at the same time to get skin care products that can finally change your life it could be really worth the money.


  • guaranteeThe experience of Exposed Skincare in the field of acne treatment product production is larger than 10 years;
  • Your skin should be significantly cleared just in 30 days;
  • You get a full 1-year money-back guarantee which is not offered by any other skin care product producer company;

How To Order These Products To Australia

Simply visit the official website of Exposed Skin Care and choose what you would like to order single products or kits which would significantly save your money and make your order! If you still want to find out more details about this acne treatment product line you are welcome to read our detailed Exposed review.

Click here to order Exposed Skincare products to Australia right now and start your journey to a completely clear skin!


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