5 The Most Effective Methods Of Cellulite Treatment


Women anatomical features (the difference in fat tissue structure) does not mean that you should live up with cellulite. You can gradually lose weight, make lymphatic massage vigorously worn away the skin and do gymnastics, and these activities will help to reduce any degree of cellulite.

Step 1 – Change Your Diet

Transform your menu that it would contain refined carbohydrates and little fat, but a lot of complex carbohydrates. The simplest would be – try a macrobiotic diet based on rice and other coarse grains, supplemented with local vegetables, fish, and seafood. Avoid any prefabricated and refined products, and most of the fat, or animal products, although allowed to eat high-quality chicken when used enough fruits and vegetables.

Macrobiotic diet leads to thinking about how you eat – the food should be chewed thoroughly and also you should avoid overeating.

Step 2 – Move Enough

Sleek and sporty women, such as dancers, usually do not have cellulite. Dancing helps to move all muscle groups, but especially the move vigorously engaged in the bottom and thigh muscles (buttocks and thighs are the two main problem areas). Perhaps dancing might be the perfect type of exercise that will get rid of cellulite and at the same time, you will have fun.

Step 3 – Massage

In addition, to diet and physical activity, you should definitely perform a regular self-massage with a massage glove or loofah sponge. Although the stores have a large range of products that promise to the release of cellulite already applying them as long-term scientific studies have shown that these products are not more effective than placebo.

There is a better option. Make home-made massage, especially effective and also fragrant oil. Buy at the Eco shop necessary ingredients and mix them. Twice a day put on a small area of skin five drops of this oil (if the area is greater – ten), and gently massage the problem areas.

Anti-cellulite massage oil recipe:

  • avocado or almond oil (47ml);
  • fennel oil (1ml);
  • juniper oil (1ml);
  • cypress essence (0.5 ml);
  • lemon essence (0.5 ml).

Step 4 – Cooperate With Your Homeopath

Anti-cellulite agent Dichapetalum well exposed, but only with low potency (3D, 4D, and 6D). Its effectiveness has been proven scientifically – the evidence was made long homeopathy study involving themselves homeopaths – male and female doctors.

Step 5 – Use Additional Resources

In the elimination of cellulite can help a number of herbal products. For example, Escin, sponins and another horse-chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum) seed extract helps reduce the active substance liquid retention. Reducing capillary wall pore number and size also reduces the leakage of liquid, which causes edema.

You can also try the herbal extract of Centella Asiatica, known also as a got cola or Asian Centella. This plant acts as a diuretic while stimulating blood circulation and thereby improving skin health. Several studies have shown that Centella extract improves the condition of the connective tissue, as Glycosaminoglycans stimulates synthesis. Glycosaminoglycan is one of the key elements of the connective tissue and skin, as well as natural humidifiers.

Orally administered tinctures containing 70% triterpene acid (naturally and biologically active herbal compounds, beneficial to health), can significantly reduce the degree of cellulite.


  1. My cellulite is killing me and I really want to find an effective method how to get rid of it. After having my little boy, I even have more of it on my legs than it was before. You could write about some effective product for treating cellulite I think that many would be happy about it.


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