The Most Common Acne Types – Do You Have One Of Them?


Acne, the word is common as well as the disease. It is a particular disease of the skin. There are different types of acne. In the world of Dermatology, acne is the most common issue faced by the people. An acne is a form of spots on the skin. It can be the reason for bad skin health. The acne is usually known as the pimples that grow on your skin blocking the pores. The acne is a common situation to most of the people, and it is usually treatable.

The treatment is available everywhere in the world. People can use the home remedies as well to treat acne and get rid of it. Both genders male and female are prone to acne. There are various conditions that help the acne to grow. In addition to this, the acne has different treatments. There are different types of acne that you can know the symptoms. The types of acne are medically studied to get the proper cure of it. Everyone out of three people will be worried about the skin conditions and the acne.

What Is Acne

Acne is spots or the pimples on the skin. People can find acne anywhere on the skin other than just the face. The acne is common on the face, back, neck, chest and other rare areas. The acne is a nightmare for all the people as it needs a proper treatment to get rid of the disease.

Who Actually Gets Acne?

The studies show that people have more risks to get acne ranging from age between 11 and 26. The people of this age are usually young and are in a growing phase, so they are more prone to the acne. Some of the older people are also affected by the younger people. The dermatologists state that there is never a specific time or age that is considered most risky to get acne.

The people can have risks of getting different types of acne. The conditions can be severe or mild. In the age of 8 to 10, the teenagers are at a risk to get the disease, but the treatment at the initial stages is easy to cure at the right time because of the mildness. But some of the teenagers have the conditions of worse acne that needs the treatment by the doctor to prevent the further growth as well as the spots and scarring. The acne can stay for as longer as five years that has not undergone any of the medical treatments. However, some cases are worse, and the acne is there for a longer period.

The Most Common Causes of Acne

There are various causes of acne, and every person may have a different cause due to the body type and conditions. People cannot judge properly the acne that is dependent on too many factors. However, understanding the types of skin and the types of acne can help to get proper information about the causes of the acne.

The skin is a proper structure and it needs to be understood through the dermatology aspect. The skin surface of a human body has underlying small sebaceous glands. These glands are the reason of the production of the sebum that is oil in the skin that keeps the skin smooth and agile. The pores of the skin help to allow the sebum to get on the skin. These pores help the hair to grow out of the skin. When a child is in his teenage, the skin produces more sebum; it is because of the changing body. The body changes include the hormonal changes and the time to move towards the puberty. The more production of the sebum causes your skin to be oily mostly that can get risky for acne growth. The acne can be mild as well as worse in some of the conditions.

Mild Acne Types

There are cases when the acne can be mild to moderate conditions. These could be in the form of the blackheads, whiteheads as well as pimples. The pimples could be smaller in size.

Whiteheads and Blackheads

The pores of the skin get block through the dead skin. This dead skin will create whiteheads and blackheads. The blackheads are usually through the pigmentation of the skin. The acne might not grow more in the mild conditions.


Sebum is the reason to form the pimples that collect under the pores being blocked by the white or blackheads. The small red and swelled spots are known as the pimples. These might be small and mild in some conditions.

Severe Acne

The acne can be of a severe type that starts from the moderate conditions leading to the severe ones. The sebum causes severe acne that is collected and blocked in the pores. The bacteria and germs grow in the pores creating worse conditions. The bacteria live on the surface of the skin, but they do not damage it. But once, the bacteria get reactive; it can harm the immune system, as well as the skin, will be inflamed. The skin around the pore will become red, and it fills the pore with a semi-liquid substance known as pus. The pus can be able to create cysts as well in the worst cases.

The treatment of the skin and severe acne can be well, but sometimes the skin will get indents, discoloring, and scarring. The different types of acne cause different effects on the skin that is curable.

Unusual Acne Causes

The acne is a skin disease, but sometimes the acne is caused by other diseases in the form of the symptoms visible on the skin. The diseases, particularly in the female, can cause acne. It could be in the case of the Excessive male hormones in the ovary as well as the adrenal gland and most commonly the PCOs, polycystic ovary. The acne can be caused due to reduced intake of water, excessive use of dairy products as well as a non-active lifestyle.

Other Types of Acne and their Treatment

The acne is the most common disease found in the people. It is curable, but every person has a different type of acne. The type of acne must be considered before going for a particular treatment. The discussed acne types are below.

Comedonal Acne

The comedonal acne is formed because of the clogging of the pores. Once the dead skin blocks the pores, this particular type of acne can grow. The people with the less turning-over skin are prone to this type of acne. The T-area of the skin has the most chances to get the particular acne because the kind of skin has oil and wax under the lining of the skins surface.

The treatment of this type of acne is quite easy and people need not worry about the conditions. The people who are more prone to acne must know the conditions and symptoms to get the treatment at the proper time. The specialists recommend retinoid for the skin issues as it will help increase the exfoliation and the turnover of the skin. It will result in the unblocking of the pores. Simple exfoliations can treat the initial stages of this acne. you can exfoliate the skin through the salicylic acid or the glycolic acid. People must look after their lifestyle as well. Drinking more water is a must and considering the makeup products and cosmetics is very important. They must not help block the pores of the skin.

Inflammatory Acne

The acne is usually known by the conditions of red bumps, swelled pores, blackheads as well as the whiteheads. The inflammatory acne is formed by the inflammatory response of the pores that are clogged and blocked. The clogged pores are the basic reason behind it, but the oil and waxes irritate the body more. The acne is caused by the oil production more than the usual amount, and this is because of the higher testosterone levels in the body. The hormones do play a key role in causing the inflammatory acne.

When looking for treatment, go for the home remedies first before visiting a dermatologist. The affected person must wash the skin or the face more times in a day to reduce the layer of oil on the skin. The control of oil is very important, and the products like salicylic acid, tea tree oil, and benzoyl peroxide are essential. These will reduce the bacteria that have been causing the inflammation as well as reduce the oil and clogging factors. Some people are not getting rid of the acne, so they must look for a doctor. Dermatologists suggest the intake of the oral antibiotics that will help reduce the inflammation of the skin. The skin will not be irritating anymore, once the treatment is regular and for a prolonged period.

Cystic Acne

The cystic acne is caused by the deep inflammation of the skin and it appears as the scarring over the skin. The type of acne is the most severe of the medical conditions, and proper treatment must be taken to undergo the process of getting rid of the particular type. The person must recommend the doctor early and on time to get the cure. It can spread over all the skin.

The doctors suggest Accutane as a treatment for the cystic acne. This product can help the people to get rid of acne for their lifetime. But the commitment demands to stick to the medication for about six to eight months until the conditions get normal. The medical specialist is very important in such cases as the oral intakes might affect other things as well. The acne type is less inflammatory and more manageable with time.

What does the acne treatment do?

The treatment of the skin and the particular type of acne will help the patients in the following ways;

  • The pimples of a particular person will be healed with the time.
  • The new pimples will be stopped from getting on the skin.
  • The treatment will help the patient to prevent the scarring of the skin.
  • The embarrassment of having the acne and bad skin will be reducing with time.

Early treatment is very important. People must consider visiting the dermatologist as early as they can go after looking at the conditions and symptoms related to the acne.

Acne Prevention Measures

Here are some of the measures that must be taken to reduce the chances of getting acne or growing it more.

  • The skin must be gently clean. The people must take care of their skin and use the cleaning lotions or gels.
  • The scrubbing of the skins usually increases the chances of getting acne, not reducing it but increasing it.
  • Do not touch your skin, if you feel irritated. Do not try rubbing, pinching and popping the pimples that can leave the marks.
  • The people who do shave their facial hairs must carefully complete the task. The instruments used must be clean.
  • The sun is bad for acne so avoid going out on the skin without the use of proper sunscreens.
  • The cosmetics must be chosen according to the skin type. If oily then get a product for the oily skin.
  • The hair must be shampooed daily to remove the oil.

There are different conditions that cause different types of acne, and the symptoms are visible. The affected people must follow their disease and the symptoms for better treatment. They should visit the doctor and start taking care of the skin. The acne is usually caused due to the oil and wax but the myths about the other reasons are not true. The dirty skin, stress, and chocolate are not the reasons for the acne in a particular person.

The treatment of the skin takes a prolonged period. The treatment must be followed regularly, and people must be consistent to visit the doctors and take their regular medicine for a longer period. The irregularities can make less change. The disease is treated according to the type of acne in the person.



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