Caviar and placenta in a cream tube


Snake poison against the wrinkles and snail saliva to combat wounds. Are you sure peculiar cream and oil components provide the promised effect and justify the high price of the product?

Nowadays, everyone beauty products manufacturer emphasize the exclusive features of their products, and every consumer is interested in trying out unusual news, to address the inevitable problems of centuries – wrinkles left by ages, scars, the roughness of the skin.

Dermatologists explain that the beauty industry is offering more and more new and unusual solutions in trying to uncover the secret that provides more efficient results. Then of course the unique product would be profitable.

Cosmetic companies and also consumers have always been in a search of eternal youth keys and it shows up in the form of a new in cosmetology and medicine even not used active substance detection and exploitation. This is a normal evolutionary process, and often the new is well forgotten old .

Unusual high price

snakeTo the beauty products applies the classical price policy – selective amount of products included in the price of both the brand and of the packaging, but dermocosmetics funds and professional make-up price is mainly determined by the concentration of the active substance – if the concentration is bigger it means the price will be expensive. It should be noted that these active substances – natural or synthesized in the laboratory – will always be more expensive than the commonly applied and certain raw materials.

Often customers consult for new creams containing extraordinary substances. The most popular is the almost classic caviar creams and cosmetic products containing placenta. Recently there has been shown a positive experience with removing scars with shellfish extracts Helix apsersa containing products.

A large part of the unusual cosmetic ingredients really justified some effect in supplying significant effect, but definitely before the new use of the product you should consult a dermatologist, especially if the skin is problematic or allergic.

NB! The risk of allergy

You should not forget that allergies and unpleasant reactions in the body can be caused not only synthetic, but also natural cosmetic ingredients. Any of these exceptional cosmetic ingredients are biologically active and can cause allergic reactions.

To protect yourself and get the most of these products dermatologists recommend:

  • Choose the proven and reliable manufacturers;
  • If it is a face or eye cream, you should first try it for few days, at first put it on the inner surface of the arm, neck or area farther of the face, where possible manifestation of allergies will not be so visible.

The list of original components

Component What  manufacturers promise Dermatologist rating
Urea Intensely moisturizes the skin, helps it to recover and stay healthy. Dermatology classics, widely used and works very effectively.
Snake poison Helps in removing scars, wrinkles reduction. The artificially synthesized poison peptides having, muscle contraction blocking activity. Botulinum toxin has a similar effect. The effect is provided.
Placenta Helps with wounding healing, reduces wrinkles, nourishes the hair. The ingredient is often used in dermatology practice and supplies the desired effect.
Used cooking oil Accelerates regeneration of damaged cells. There can be nothing good in this component, because heating oil, gives rise to carcinogenic substances.
Snail saliva Helps wound healing and smoothes the skin. Biologically active regenerative substance that really deliver effects.
Mother’s milk Used in soap, a rich source of protein. The use of this component is questionable for ethical reasons.


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