Carboxy therapy


Carboxy therapy – a new method for aesthetic medicine, the biggest breakthrough in the beauty industry after botulinum toxin injections.

Throughout the world, this method is becoming popular and is more and more required in non-surgical face lifting, cellulite treatment, stretch marks prevention technique and is now available almost everywhere in the world.

What is the essence of this method?

Through a thin needle into the skin or subcutaneous route is entered medical, sterile carbon dioxide. It immediately starts to work, enriching the skin with oxygen and promotes the formation of new capillaries, new elastin and collagen fiber structure, while in areas with excess fatty deposits occur fibrous growths destruction and lipolysis.

How does the device work?

The procedure is done with modern medical device CARBOMED CDT Evolution, equipped with a gas flow, its sterility, pressure and temperature control, which makes the performance of carboxy therapy completely safe and painless.

Carboxy therapy is used:

  • for renewing the area around the eyes;
  • neck, décolleté and hands loose skin and stretch updating;
  • for expressed in facial modeling and preventing a double chin;
  • for enhancement stretch marks, scars and scars after acne;
  • for localization of fat deposits and cellulite prevention;
  • for hair growth promoter to androgenic hair loss;
  • for treatment of psoriasis.

Procedure – painless, even around the eyes. Sensations during the procedure can be compared with a slight pulsation or pressure. You can feel a slight discomfort like mild feeling of expansion under the skin during administration of the gas, which usually lasts for 2-4 minutes. Carbon dioxide readily and quickly spread at the injection site in neighboring tissues and excreted from the body through the lungs. Carboxy therapy can be used for any skin type and any time of year.

Carboxy therapy can be done in combination with other methods of aesthetic medicine, such as peelings, biorevitalisation, radio waves and ultrasound are exposed to laser therapy. This combination allows to reinforce the efficacy of the method and achieve excellent aesthetic results.


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