Botox prices


Botox prices are often one of the most important factors why people decide to refrain from trying it as an anti-aging means. And that is a solid reason as price of Botox is pretty high comparing with other alternatives. Image: luigi diamanti /

As we found out the best approach of comparing Botox prices would be by comparing the price per unit of Botox. Of course, there will be significant differences depending where you decide to do make them as there always are cheaper and more expensive places where you can get such procedures.

So there is not a surprise that price interval that we found of Botox injections was starting from $125 up even to $1,125 depending from the area where a procedure has been held.

If talking about that are necessary for such procedure, then price per unit is approximately between $10 and $15. Depending from the area you decide to make procedure it can need from just from 10 units even up to 75 units in some special cases.

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