Botex, Bottox or maybe Botax?


What really hides behind these so often misspelled Botox variations like Botex, Bottox and Botax? In fact, we will find out what Botox really is and why it is so popular around the world instead of talking about these misspelled names.

Botulinum toxin – a protein produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum is considered the most powerful neurotoxin ever discovered. Popularly known by one of its trade names, Botox or Dysport or Xeomin, it is used for various cosmetic, medical procedures. [Source]

How the power of Botox was revealed?

The very beginning was at the middle of 80s when Botox was created, however, it was tried to prevent muscle spasms and uncontrolled blinking eyelids, and had nothing to do with reduction of wrinkles. Just later in medical experiments scientists noticed that for some patients after Botox wrinkles around the eyes were reduced and then Botox was really born.

How does Botox work?

Botox paralyzes facial muscles and prevents the so-called dynamic wrinkles – wrinkles that appear, for example, frowned or laughed. The Botox injections’ effect lasts from three to six months.


How popular is Botox?

Botox’s largest market is America. Just few years ago the number of people having Botox injections reached five million. It was predicted that the injections will shrink due to the crisis, but was just the opposite. Cosmetologists explain that people want to look better when going to job interviews.

Is Botox popular only among women?

Not at all! As data shows, approximately 10-15% of Botox clients are men. With each year, their proportion is increasing.

Botox injections compared with shopping once in four months?

We think that the addiction of Botox injections can become over excessive. Because more and more often people are having Botox injections, even if they do not need them. As one example we can mention British reality television star, Katie Price, who has Botox injections for her eyes every four months. The more surprising is that she compares Botox injections with everyday shopping.


How to gain a natural looking face after Botox injections

Main factors that could help you to gain natural looking face after these injections:

1.Professional must apply Botox at the right points;

2.Person who performs the injection must have a good knowledge of the muscles of facial expression;

3.Your doctor also must know, which muscle function should be suspended or reduced, but which, on the contrary – should be maintained to give the face extra charm.


Botox alternatives

Are there really any Botox alternatives developed? In fact, there are, just so many people have not an idea that something so powerful is revealed.

As the best alternative to Botox injections we would like to suggest you, very powerful anti-aging cream, which is capable of ensuring you Botox effect just without all those unpleasant and painful feelings.

We are talking about LifeCell a real breakthrough in the sphere of anti-aging.

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