Beauty operation without a single cut


This unique operation that is carried out without any scalpel cut is considered to be a combination of science and the art. The main magic is hidden in the human stem cells, which are derived from adipose tissue.

Stem cells possess an astounding capacity – depending on the needs of its potential to develop into muscle cells, blood vessels, nerves, fat or skin. And stem cells are also capable of … renewing. In the place where they are injected, improves blood circulation and activates new cell formation.

No scars and wrinkles

Stem cell injection surgery opens up the possibilities for some hitherto lacked. The most commonly used forms of breast reconstruction or reconstruction after cancer surgery, facial reconstruction of the oval and the strengthening of anti-scar elimination, improve the shape of the bottom and hand skin adjustments made to look like a young girl.

The injections can help the skin regain elasticity, smoothness and provides a full blood supply. It is inevitable – 30-35 year olds each of us face every year lose about four milliliters of soft tissue. Thus, the skin becomes thinner, more wrinkled, falls on the cheeks, as well as muscle mass shrinks.

When the face begins to “fall” of the stem cell-enriched fat tissue (they take their places in the patient’s body, where it is too much) injection returned to form, strengthen the contours, the skin becomes more elastic again smoother than before. Plastic surgeon stresses – if the body receives the stem cells at the site where injected, the recovery process begins, even if aging has momentum. In addition, the effect will be lasting.

Invaluable assistant stem cells can also be an oncology patients radiation therapy are often so changed the structure of the tissue, and surgery scars heal for months, and the body has been weakened by continuous treatment. If the site of surgery is injected stem cells, it improves blood supply and promotes the formation of new cells to heal the wound. Any ugly, even many years old scars with stem cell therapy can be made almost invisible.

Simple and beautiful

The main source of stem cells are the patient’s own adipose tissue. They are obtained by evacuation of the patient’s abdomen, hips or bottom, where the fat is too much. The extracted fat is given a special apparatus, where they are simultaneously cleans and separates stem cells. The resulting biomaterial injected into the body in a place where it is needed. A plastic surgeon stresses that the stem cells and purified fat is injected and only place where nature itself establishes the fat layer – between the skin and muscle.

If after fat transplantation surgery at the new location typically increases by approximately 50-60% of transplanted fat with stem cell-enriched fat tissue in the new place “to inhabit as” 80 – 100% of the transplanted volume by improving the blood supply to the surrounding tissue.

The most common operation is performed while the patient is under general anesthesia, so after surgery for at least four hours must be under medical supervision. Swelling of the injection site persists for about two weeks. But fortified with stem cells in tissue micro-circulation is restored much faster and swelling is much smaller than normal after surgery.

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