Anti-aging therapy


What makes the biggest anti-aging specialist client base – men or women?

When I was working in Monaco, the majority of my clients were men. Now, in Europe, most of the customers are women. When training seminars collides with foreign colleagues who specialize in anti aging method, they claim that lots of clients are men.

For example, in America, equal number of men and women are an anti- aging physicians’ patients and customers of different procedures. The main thing that they are interested in is to keep on working and taking care of themselves as long as possible, so they can have fully relaxed and long life exactly as they want.

Of course, the aesthetic surgery cosmetic surgeries are often preferred by women, but preventive measures will not lack men as well. Unfortunately, many people come to see the doctor only when there is already a necessity for quite big efforts to avoid early aging.

The most common for men are serious metabolic disorders, weakened immune system, the second stage of diabetes, complaints regarding reproductive falling and chronic stress.

At what age the body begins to age, and when you should start to worry about it?

In principle, the body starts aging around 18-20 years of age. It is a biological process in which the tissues of the body gradually decrease the amount of physiological functions, as well as increased susceptibility to disease. In addition, it also reduces the ability to cope with the stress. Therefore, the care of your health should be taken already from an early age.

What chance has Europeans become long-livers?

Europe is a favored region for long-livers, as there are grown right foods and also an active lifestyle is becoming fashionable. In Europe, there are enough people who even in 80 and 90 year age continue to work because they have enough energy to do so.


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