Is There An Anti-Aging Cream For Men – In Fact There Is


An anti-aging cream for men? Are you kidding? Real men never care about their body and skin too much. And if they do, then they are not real men anymore – such an opinion had governed for a lot of years in the Western culture.

It was thought that a normal man never spends more than a few minutes in the bathroom. He just jumps out of the shower, quickly shaves and is ready to go, never spending more time for looking into the mirror than it is necessary for his shaving. There was even an opinion that wrinkles do make a man more interesting.

Stereotypes About Anti-Aging Cream For Men

A lot of men have suffered from this cliche because it is just a stereotype that a man’s skin doesn’t need a care. The men are also aging as well as the women they have wrinkles, and they want to look good and sexy not only at their youth, but also when they reach an age of 40, 50 or more years.

As the public pressure against the beauty skin care of men was very strong, men had to hide that they are interested in their beauty. They used to use face creams and other cosmetics as well as the women, but simply didn’t talk about it. They used secretly to borrow their wife’s creams or went to a drug store and bought them trying to make an image that they are buying them not for themselves, but for their wives.

Differences Between Requirements For Anti-Aging Creams For Men And For Women

Luckily, these times are a past now. The culture has changed a lot, and today a man’s skin care is no more a laughing matter. The industry of cosmetics offers a lot of anti-aging creams, especially for men, which is a great benefit because the creams produced for women are mostly too fat for a man’s skin.

The molecular structure of a man’s skin is thicker than the structure of a woman’s skin, so anti-aging creams for men contain other ingredients, which are effective, particularly for a man’s skin. Anti-aging creams for men, on the contrary, to women’s creams, contain more water than the fat, so giving the face skin more elasticity and fullness. The men also tend to have deeper wrinkles, and their skin is more affected by an exposure of the sunlight. By a regular and right using of anti-aging creams, it is possible, noticeably to reduce the amount of wrinkles and slow down the aging process of the skin.

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  1. Not may of my friends use such products, but in fact maybe they simply do not share such information what is even more likely. I just agree that men also should care about their skin.

    • Hello, Andrew! You are completely right, men definitely should also take care of their skin. Besides, who would anyone think that women like men who do not care about themselves?

  2. It is funny that so many men do not use anti-aging products, why they want to look older? I do not think that all those creams are just for women I also like to care about my skin as that also increases my self esteem.


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