What are anti-aging creams active ingredients


Anti-aging cream active ingredients are the real power of every anti-aging cream and exactly from the concentration of them depend upon the effectiveness of the specific anti-aging cream.

To be able to make the best choice of all the wide range of anti-aging creams, you should know, which are those active ingredients that exactly reduce amount and deepness of your wrinkles. Image: dream designs / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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If we are talking about anti-aging active ingredients – those are ingredients that are capable of influencing your skin’s natural processes or functions. The most popular anti-aging active ingredients are:

  • Anti – oxidants – capable of reducing or even neutralizing bad effects received from free radicals – molecules that are responsible for breaking down skin cells and causing wrinkles. Free radicals also can cause irritations and damages received from the sun.
  • Retinol – also known as the vitamin A component, which is vital for maintaining skin’s health as it is the most popular anti-oxidant used in over-the-counter anti-aging wrinkle creams.
  • Peptides – are small proteins that are used as simulators of collagen production, they are harmless and do not cause side effects.
  • Epidermal Growth Factor – is responsible for growth of new skin cells and blood vessels, the same as for creating and distribution of collagen and elastin. Some cream producers state that cosmetic products based on mentioned growth factor stimulate skin to regenerate eight times faster.
  • Hydroxy acids (Alpha & Beta) – are chemical substances involved in the process of reduction of wrinkles they help to remove the old, already dead layer of your skin and at the same time stimulate growth of new one.
  • Coenzyme Q10 – help creating energy in skin cells, capable of small wrinkles’ reduction around your eyes without any side effects.

Above mentioned active ingredients are basic and also the most popular anti-aging creams’ components. However, those are not all ingredients that are able to fight with signs of aging.  Anti-aging products’ sphere keep on developing so you might follow the latest researches to make sure that you have not missed any of the latest discoveries in wrinkle reduction.

Tips of evaluating active ingredients in anti-aging creams

At the beginning, it would be good to find out if any of mentioned active ingredients are included in the specific cream that you have chosen. The next step would be already more complicated  – to evaluate the amount of ingredients included in this cream. The truth is that quite a lot of anti-aging creams contain a very insignificant concentration of anti-aging active ingredients, so in the result there physically cannot be expected some amazing aging signs’ reduction results.

Evaluation of active ingredients is not the easiest task to deal with, if possible then better trust this comparison to the specialists of this sphere, as you always can find pretty detailed reviews about any anti-aging cream that you are interested in.

Another thought to consider is not to evaluate anti-aging creams by their price, as there are proven that not always the most expensive cream will be the most effective one, as anyone can ask a high price and promise miracle results.

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