6 Real Alternatives to Botox


Women around the world look for the treatments that can help them to look younger for the longest time. The trend changes, as the women are going for the Botox, the injections, and fillers in their bodies. These treatments tighten the skin of the women. But some of the women do not want to go to salons for these treatments, and they look for the alternatives to Botox. As per studies and the experiments, Botox has many side effects that have concerned the people to look for better replacements.


Botox is a drug that is injected into the skin or body of a person. It is made up of Bacteria named as bacterium Clostridium botulinum. It produces the neurotoxin protein that is used for the surgeries. There are various substitutes available, but people prefer going for the injections.

The awareness about the Botox is lesser than people know. The Botox and the use bacteria cause botulism. It helps to block the activity of the nerves in the muscles as well as the muscle activity is reduced temporarily in the specific part of the body. The limited explanation of the Botox causes concern about the nerve activity and brain, so there might be different effects the Botox would be ready to give.


The Botox is usually used to treat the spasms in the muscle of neck known as cervical dystonia. It will also help in the spasm muscle treatments in the elbow, fingers or wrists as well as ankles and toes. The people, who are suffering from hyperhidrosis, meaning severe sweating in the underarm, usually go for the Botox treatment. It is used in the eye treatments like the muscular conditions as well as the treatment of the overactive bladder. The Botox helps to fight the spinal cord injury issues and multiple sclerosis. Tension headaches and migraines are usually treated with the Botox as well.

Side Effects of Botox

There are various side effects attached to the Botox that is why people look for the other options. The particular side effects include the following.

  • People may get allergic to the Botox treatment.
  • There might be swelling on different parts of the body as well as difficulty in breathing.
  • The Botox toxin might spread to other parts of the body, risking the life of a person.
  • The muscles might feel weak, and there might be numbness in the body.
  • The person might feel difficult to talk, breathe, and even swallow.
  • The voice might get hoarse, and the eyelids become droopy.
  • The bladder control might be lost, and there could be urine leakage.
  • The Botox might create problems for the vision and sight, making the eyelids swells.
  • Feel pain while urinating.
  • The irregular heartbeats and chest pain can arise.
  • The infected area can bleed; have bruises, swelling, pain, and redness.
  • The mouth gets dry, and the sweating in the underarms may increase.
  • There could be cold symptoms as well related to Botox.

It is the reason why people look for the substitutes in the market. The Botox is not an easy going treatment. People have suffered from various reactions after the treatment takes place. The alternatives can give better performance than the Botox so that the life of a person might not be threatened. The other side effects might be acceptable, but the life cannot be compromised.

Real And Effective Alternatives to Botox

People consider the natural treatments better than the ones that cause them pain and other side effects. Anti-aging considerations have given the people a new task to look beautiful and young for always. Age is just a number, these people believe, but they do not know the side effects usually. The ones, who know the side effects and do not want to follow the Botox treatments, go for the alternatives of these beauty injections.

Frownies, V-TOX, and Face Saver Balls As The Natural Alternatives To Beauty Injections

The people who go for the Botox treatment must know that the Botox is a toxin that is injected via a syringe. The bacteria produce the toxin, and it is then injected to remove the wrinkles on the forehead as well as reduce the lines around the eyes. The frown lines and the crows’ feet are the common treatments that take about $200-$500 per treatment for the Botox. It is quite expensive as well as the people can get double vision and sight problems, allergy problems. And the problems related to breathing. There are other options that can lead you to get an experience of the natural treatment for your skin.

Alternative #1 – Frownies

Frownies is an alternative method that will help the person to remove the unwanted wrinkles on the eyes. This treatment includes the gluing of the natural Kraft paper in the smaller patches on the skin. These paper patches will freeze the movements of the muscles in the particular area that cause the wrinkles and lines. It is not as expensive as the Botox, but the treatment still requires normal behavior of a person towards the skin. The people who use the treatment can lose the strength of the muscle and movement that create wrinkles on the eyes.

Get nice pillows to reduce the wear and tear. If you want a wrinkle-free skin, try gluing the patches before bed for an overnight treatment. It will give you a smooth, subtle, and tight skin as you desired.

Alternative #2 – V-TOX

It is another type of option available in the market. It is taken as a substitute for the people who do not want to go for Botox. The people as well as the celebrities, who have enough money to put it on your body want to know about the natural alternative to beauty injections. The Botox can give multiple risks regarding the health and the life. The pregnant women are more concerned, so Linda Meredith created an alternative known as VTOX.

This particular option includes the algae and natural neuropeptides that are used to stop the muscle movement. The solution will stick to the surroundings of the affected areas. The treatment will block the skin from moving to make wrinkles around the eyes. This natural alternative uses the protein that will permit some of the movement of the muscles other than stronger contractions. The extractions of algae will combine with the more ingredients to give the skin a natural boost.

This natural alternative is not injected into the specific, but it is absorbed through the skin.

Alternative #3 – Face Saver Balls

The fitness trainer, Yamuna experienced the time when she was getting the wrinkles. Instead of wrinkles, she researched for the substitutes. She finally created a ball that named her the Yamuna Face Ball. The rubber ball is used to tone up the muscles and bone. It is a ball that works on the bone for the improvement of the skin health as well as the skin sagging will be decreased. The muscles will be stiff and tightened, and it also increases the circulation of the blood and reverses the gravity impacts.

The ball is used to rub on the face regularly. The ball will help the skin to get smooth. The regular working on the face will help reduce the fine lines. These balls are easily available and much cheaper than the treatment of Botox. It must be used regularly, and it will help the skin to get firm, subtle, healthy and appearance will be lifted.

Alternative #4 – Cinnamon Powder and Peppermint Oil

The particular option is easy to use. The cinnamon powder and peppermint oil is used instead of the artificial lip fillers. The lip fillers used to treat the lips include the Restylane. It will help the lips to get the increased volume and make them larger according to the demand of the people. The gel is produced from hyaluronic acid as it is injected into the lips. The other use of the gel is the smoothing of the fine lines on the jaw line and chin as well as their contouring. It has various side effects. This type of Botox uses a large needle and can cause a person to suffer from itching, discoloring, tenderness and swelling of the specific parts.

Want to get a duck face? Try peppermint oil and cinnamon powder other than the Botox treatment. The oil will be taken in a small amount, and it will be applied to the required areas by cotton swab. Dip the cotton swab in water before dipping into the powder if it is used other than the oil.. the person will feel a tingling sensation but let the mixture settle for a moment. The remaining and extra powder will be removed, and it must last for few hours to get better results. Both the oil and powder with give the same results.

Alternative #5 – Pineapple or Lemon Juice – Chemical Peels

The medical treatment of the peeling of the skin can cause various side effects and skin issues. But the natural peeling materials can be used as an alternative to Botox. The surgeons and doctors apply Alpha Hydroxy Acids on the skin of the face to remove the upper layer and get the fresh one out. It will cause the skin to burn and become sensitive than before. The skin can be discolored, and scars can arise through the use of this method.

Try using the alternatives methods to beauty injections that are completely natural, easy to use and inexpensive. The pineapple has the properties of making a skin smoother. It has enzymes that help nourish the skin. The lemon juice is a natural citric acid that can be applied on the face to get a refreshing and new skin. Squeeze the lemon juice out and dip a cotton ball in it to pat all over the face. Let it dry and settle for about 10 minutes or less. It better results. Use the treatment daily to get the best results; get a hydrated skin and glowing face.

Alternative #6 – Sugar (Alternative to Microdermabrasion)

Another Botox treatment is Microdermabrasion that exfoliates the skin with the regular treatment and help to reduce the spots, scars and get a clean skin. The treatment includes the application of the aluminum oxide crystals with the exertion of the pressure. The pressure will be varied and the then it is suctioned off to get a smoother and clear skin. The skin can be prone to redness, pains, swelling and scars.

Try sugar as an alternative to Botox treatments. Exfoliate the skin with sugar by the application of pressure. The person can control the amount of pressure excursion according to the comfort. The dead cells of the skin will be removed, and a clear skin will come out. Splash some water on face; it must be warm. Then dip the fingers in the sugars to scrub the face later with it. The circular motions will give the best results of the sugar exfoliation, and it must be done for a minute. Wash the face and get the best results.

There are various other alternatives and substitutes, including:

  • almond oil instead of Latisse,
  • homemade wraps instead of anti-cellulite treatment,
  • facial exercises other than facial treatments,
  • deCure instead of painful injectable fillers or Botox,
  • And light stim other than LED treatments.

People use these alternatives widely who do not want to suffer from the side effects of the chemicals and Botox. The Botox is an expensive treatment for some of the people but these alternatives to Botox are inexpensive, cheap and easier to use. You can easily afford the treatment and do it at home. You just have to make sure that your need such treatments or not. The people who look for better skin want to get better treatments. But the natural treatments do not carry any side effects, and Botox is life risking treatment.

The Botox is acceptable in extreme cases when you are not able to get the natural treatments or any of the alternatives to the Botox. Otherwise, the Botox has so many side effects that it must be avoided for better health and life of a person.


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