7 Easy Tips For Your Beauty In The Winter


We all want to look beautiful not depending on the season outside the window. There are several things that you should keep in mind in the winter as them our body and especially the skin is much more sensitive than in other seasons. In fact, all your body needs a special care in this cold and sometimes not so pleasant weather at all. We want to share with you only a few tips that could help you to maintain your beauty and not to worry how cold it actually is outside.

1. Vitamin D for The Healthy and Radiant Skin

Probably you know that vitamin D is important not only for the health of your bones but also for a beautiful and healthy skin. As the winter sun is less common, you definitely should pay a bigger attention to your diet. You can find vitamin D in fish such as salmon, sardines, cod liver, fish oil, eggs and a variety of cereals. However, if this is not enough, extra vitamins can be simply bought in a pharmacy.

2. The Time You Spend for Your Beauty

45% of women aged 18 to 74 years believe the beauty procedures are necessary to look good on a daily basis, according to the brand “Institut Esthederm” survey data. 35% of women admitted that beauty procedures for them is a special time and even a ritual, which is dedicated solely to yourself to feel good. By contrast, 18% of female beauty procedures more associate with preparations for celebrations and special events. According to the survey before the feast of the most frequently visited by women hairdressers and manicurists.

3. The Moisturizing of Your Skin at The Right Time

creamIf the thermometer column has slipped below zero (32°F) and the field still unpleasant pesky wind, remember that you may not apply a moisturizing cream directly before going outdoors, it must be done at least 20 minutes before leaving the home.
Winter can easily cause you a red skin, particularly because the skin is very sensitive. If you have to spend a long time in a cool place and the wind and the skin becomes red, after you have a chance calm your skin down with a moisturizing cream.

4. The Most Appropriate Place for Your Cosmetics – Refrigerator

Often we tend to store cosmetics in the shelf in the bathroom. However, sometimes the air in the room is humid, it is not suitable for storing cosmetics. The most appropriate place for storing a cosmetic is a refrigerator.

5. Your Skin Also Needs to Sleep

The night rest is necessary not only for your body but also for your skin. If you manage to sleep for eight hours, the skin looks good. By contrast, five hours of sleep significantly worsen the condition of your skin.

6. Take Care of Your Hands

In winter hands become dry very quickly. Pamper them with a simple mask once a week. First five minutes soak them in a warm milk then apply a mask – egg mixed with olive oil. Hold this mask for ten minutes and then rinse it with a warm water.

7. Treat Your Feet

Take half a glass of coconut oil, mixed with two tablespoons of brown sugar. With circular motions bloom mask on dry feet. Thoroughly massage feet, then rinse with warm water.


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