5 Unusual Beauty Tips For Every Woman – Are You Ready For Leeches?


1. Protect The Skin of Your Hands

The skin of hands is one of the first affected by aging. The key anti-aging therapy for hands is a prevention. Cool, autumn time that very soon we will surprise us and dry air caused by heating, damage the skin. When it is cool, always wear gloves and moisturize hands skin with cream to protect the sensitive skin of the hands.

2.Cosmetics and Water – Young Woman’s Set

As the best anti-aging products women admit cosmetics enriched with ingredients that have an anti-aging effect, and water, according  to “L’Oreal” survey conducted. 65% of women prefer to keep youthfulness, using products that promise to smooth wrinkles, and almost as many, 64% of women – think that the quantity of water drunk is crucial for the preservation of youth.

3. Leeches – Anti-Wrinkle Agent – Really?

leechHirudotherapy or medical leeches are used as an effective anti-wrinkle agent. It activates blood circulation, strengthens capillary walls, contributing to the emergence of new blood cells, activates the metabolism and eliminates scar tissue. Another question is whether this method in the fight against wrinkles is the most pleasant.

4. The Sun Makes the Skin Old

As already known, intense sun promotes skin aging and pigment spots formation. There is only one way to protect yourself – on sunny days and while traveling use sunscreen with a high SPF. Unfortunately, on average, only 30% of women prefer such products.

5. The Basics of Facial Care

Caring for your skin on a daily basis and making facial massage, it is important to comply with the so-called Langer or facial lines. This will allow the maximum time to maintain skin tone.

Langer lines leads:

  • From the chin to the earlobes;
  • From lip corners on the ears;
  • From the nose to the temples;
  • Forehead – from the center to the temples;
  • From the nose to the upper edge along the brow line to the temples;
  • The corners of the eye external to internal.


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